Xbox Battlefield 3 'not ready' for E3

Battlefield 3 is not playable on Microsoft's Xbox 360 at E3, CVG understands.

Why? DICE is being very upfront, telling press that the SKU simply "isn't ready" and that it doesn't want to show the game "until it's the best that it can be".

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Convas2784d ago

Well. Interesting. They really are taking a fragmented approach to developing this for consoles.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Ranshak2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They are targetting the market where the money is PC ;-)

BC2 sold the best on PC, and since that is the platform which truely allows them to do what they would like to without putting limitations, they are primarily focusing on PC.

Its the correct approach. Developers should be making games with PC in mind first since thats the most advanced level of hardware. Once the PC version is ready they should strip it down for the Consoles. An excellent recent example being Witcher 2.

Skip_Bayless2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Haha nice try to 1up the consoles. PC sold 600,000 units to date and PS3/360 sold 5.1 million.


Substance1012784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Agreed man, developers should be developing PC versions first then porting it to console so everyone is happy.

EA recently annouced their own PC online digital platform called "Origin", If EA can develop good PC games and cause more people to jump on board Origin it would mean massive profits for them, since there would be:

No packaging cost,
No royalty to MS or Sony,
Minimal distribution costs,
No Retailer Margin,
No Damaged returns.

Along with many other benefits. If EA can get more people on board PC gaming and to use their platform "Origin", it would be like EA having their own console without suffering all the losses that come with establishing a console.

@John Madden

Nice try but VGcharts doesnt track digital downloads, essentially a major chunk of PC sales arent counted. Plus we cant count PC against all consoles combined. If you will consider every platform seperately then i am sure PC sold the best among the 3.

caboose322784d ago

@john madden

Nice try, they dont track digital sales at all for pc, and retail is WAY less than half of the sales for pc games. Know your facts next time, foo.

reynod2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Lol John Madden

Chartz for kids doesnt track DD. Since DD is far more profitable a console retail game would have to outsell PC DD version 2-3 times to make the same profit.

radphil2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

@John Madden

You ever heard of Digital Download? The sales that VGChartz DOESN'T track.

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Jack-Dangerously2784d ago

At least they were straight up about it.

thematrix12982784d ago

Agreed, we did get screwed on Black Ops. TreyarchED! I'm still getting MW3 and BF3 though :)

ECM0NEY2784d ago

"I'm still getting MW3"


RockmanII72784d ago

It's his money, he can spend it however he wants.

Arnon2784d ago

It's still ridiculous that he would buy it after openly saying that the last one he bought was a disappointment.

Oldman1002784d ago

That's a shame they couldn't get it up to speed on the 360. Seems like spu tile based deferred shading is paying off for the ps3 version.

aia122784d ago

you never know because dice said the ps3 and 360 version will look the same. after seeing gears 3 gameplay at e3 along with the beta and crysis 2, I'm not going to say I know what the 360 can't do because last I checked I'm not a game developer and I don't think you should either.

KeiserSosay47882784d ago

Completely agree...After Uncharted 1 I couldn't believe what ND had done with so little memory. After Crysis 2 I couldn't believe that a game so compressed could look that good with so little memory as well. I really don't know what the hell these things are capable of anymore, lol.

Oldman1002784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The point of my comment was to provide proof that dice are one of the few multiplatform developers that are actually taking advantage of the ps3's complex architecture.

Therefore its safe to say the game is running faster and is more playable on the ps3 than it is on the 360, hence why they are not showing the 360 version at e3. We all know by now the ps3 is the more capable console, the exclusives are proof of this.

Gamer_Z2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


Everybody knows it is but if you say anything about it you will get disagrees so it's just better to keep it to yourself like I do.

"Oh what? No! I didn't say the PS3 was better.." :P

Trebius2784d ago


You're absolutely right ... it's just a shame that there's deluded fanboys out here that truly believe both systems are equal.

Get real ...

jetlian2784d ago

knows is Ea is dissing 360 even though BF sold more on 360. they dissed 360 last year on dead space 2! its been this way since activision and MS made that deal

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Legion2784d ago

I am pretty sure it wasn't playable on any console version at E3. It is just that normally at a minimum a 360 version is available at E3 due to the easier transfer from PC to 360 due to architecture of system.

DtotheRoc2784d ago

sorry legion i get ur a total PC fanboy as am i but tis' on the floor in ps3 as well as PC according to dice themselves and they had xbox360 footage during that MP trailer and it skipped back and forth if you look closely oyu'll see the logos.

KingDustero2784d ago

PS3 version will be shown during the week.

Thus 360 version is the ONLY version that is having issues ATM.

BF3 for the PS3 will be running in EA's booth sometime this week for all there to play.

Legion2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


You have a link to where they are saying it is playable on any console in E3? The Dice blog only identifies that "...we will be showing both single player and multiplayer gameplay at E3!", not that it will be actually playable. I have already seen footage for all systems... I want to see people actually playing it on the floor though.

(another note... I am far from a PC fanboy. PCs are for work related endeavors for me... my gaming favors console orientation)

Legion2784d ago

I did see during a G4 interview that people will be lining up to play the multiplayer demo. Where is this going to be held?

heroicjanitor2784d ago

They were showing the ps3 version as well as the pc version in their trailers, so my best guess is that it is playable at E3.

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Bigpappy2784d ago

Seems interesting then, that all of a sudden EA would be having trouble developing on 360.

I believe EA are playing game, because of how closely Activision works with M$. They have been doing the same with Sony since last year. But bringing down COD is not going to be easy.

Screwing with a strong FPS base like you have on 360 is also a bad business move an a sure formula for loosing to COD.

jetlian2784d ago

they been pissed since then cod deal.last year during their show they was like "you can play dead space on ps3" AND THE CROWD WAS LIKE WHOA

You could tell they were pissed

WitWolfy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Nah dude I think, EA immediatley tackled the PS3 version first. Knowing it would be harder porting it from PC to 360 and finally to PS3.

Its the classic scenario where most games that got ported directly from PC to 360 looked awesome, where the PS3 got he short end of the stick. IMO I think Dice is trying to prevent that by giving the PS3 love first so that we wont be able to see differences when Lens of truth comes along

Drake_Seraphim2784d ago

The PS3 version looks great though :)

DoctorXpro2784d ago

Just take your time Dice no need to rush.

badz1492784d ago

it's not long before the game is set to launch this year. I do think they will need to rush it a bit to make it in time

TXIDarkAvenger2784d ago

They could always delay it. Although I, like many want the game right away. And it would suck to draw back PS3 and PC versions from launching because of Xbox.

HardCover2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Riccitiello himself said they held it back for around 2.5 years to work on it. 4 years in development, built from scratch. They're not releasing right before COD by chance...

I'm pretty sure they won't need to rush to finish it. Like I said in another article's comments: They have already aired an advertisement on television for this game. Still surprises me, and I saw it a month ago lol.

SixShotCop2783d ago

If EA delays the game, almost everyone will buy MW3 instead. There's a reason why B3 has a release date before MW3. I don't mind either way as i'm getting both.