Wal-Mart Version of GH III Comes With Old Guitars?

Kotaku writes: "When I got the first email about this I thought perhaps it was some shipping mistake, but as more reports come in, it seems like something else my be afoot. Apparently, folks who have purchased Guitar Hero III from Wal-Mart are reporting that the game comes with the old guitars rather than the new ones".

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stevenrb4499d ago

dont know if its just mine i also got the red guitar and the game did not have online multiplayer.

Drano4499d ago

That's all, no kicker.

bourner4499d ago

crimson wolf hahahhahah made me laught anyways

mithril4499d ago

I see that at walmart, the package name is clasic red ???
but the price is 78.99$. Probably Wal-Mart have a special deal and package with old guitar.

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