Dark Souls Gameplay Demo

This Dark Souls' E3 2011 gameplay demo video features producer Brian Hong as he gives Blair Herter and Adam Sessler a hands on look at the spiritual successor to 'Demon's Souls' and 'Kings Field.'

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-Alpha2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

This and Skyrim are the most content enriched games coming out and for those reasons they will be the standard to beat for GOTY

Nitrowolf22689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

This looks exactly like demon souls gameplay, which is not a bad thing at all. This is another Day one for me.

Anderson82689d ago

rpg wise yes.. but uncharted needs to be in the mix i think

Skip_Bayless2689d ago

A crime to say Goty and not mention Uncharted 3. How dare you!?

WildArmed2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I hope you see most of you guys there.
If you see a Skv007 Black Phantom... it isn't me... >.<

We'll need to do some Co-op, Alpha.

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Son_Lee2689d ago

I was not man enough for Demon's Souls. Something tells me I need to stay away from this one.

aviator1892689d ago

I never got a chance to play the first one, but is it really that difficult to make you want to stop playing? I'm just curious.

Son_Lee2689d ago

To me, yes. The sense of achievement is wondrous, but I did not like losing 30 minutes to an hour's worth of progress because I died.

The game is rewarding, but very disheartening. I experienced the disheartening part way too many times.

Played for 6 hours. Only beat the first level, 1-1.

Anderson82689d ago

yea if you make a mistake you can lose hours of gameplay it is that difficult.. but once you get the hang of thing it becomes bearable because you know you died from your own mistake and not some annoying broken gameplay mechanic

AKS2689d ago

It was so difficult that I only played it several hundred hours, possibly the most of any game this generation.


The only thing I really disliked the game that literally made me stop playing was the dropping system... I beated it multiple times and was aiming for the max level but I also needed one trophy, the Master Slasher's Trophy.

To get this trophy you need to have a maximum leveled weapon enhanced by bladestone (one of the stones you can use to upgrade weapons).

The problem is that for a top weapon you'll need a pure bladestone (stones comes in various sizes, pure is the biggest one)... This iten has a 0.05% chance (affected by world tendency) of dropping and can't be obtained by any other mean than killing a red eyed black skeleton (which is a pretty tough guy actually, specially on black world tendency, tried on NG+++).

I tried for literally a week, more than 5 hours a day, and couldn't get it... I simply lost any will to move on, I couldn't stand looking at the game anymore...

Aside from that I loved the game and I'm totally looking forward to Dark Souls.

AKS2689d ago


It took forever to get the +5 of Bladestone and Suckerstone, but I finally got it after many hours of hunting.

You can get the Pure Bladestone from either the skeleton from the secret passage (where I got both of mine) or from black phantom skeltons in 4-2.

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carlosjrix2689d ago

lol, this was my first ps3 game and my first platinum, my game oy the year 2009..

gaden_malak2689d ago

You platinum'd it? Well done.


Hats off to you sir, I stand on 98% but could keep anymore.

PhoenixDevil2689d ago

What a first PS3 game to play, I didnt get it till last year (had to wait for UK release) and then recently replayed it and picked up the platinum :D

Definitely an amazing game and cannot wait for Dark Souls :)

solidboss2689d ago

its only hard if you make the wrong decisions. demons souls (and i assume)dark souls is all about timing your attacks, maneuvering around your opponent striking them at the most opportune moment and the same goes for boss fights your going to lose but think of them as a way for understanding each bosses move set to create a strategy to defeat the boss.

kindi_boy2689d ago

I think it's mostly about how to evade getting fu%ed, meaning knowing the environment and the enemies in it very well.

KingDustero2689d ago

I'm sorry man, but you must really suck at games. Demon's Souls is NOT hard. It is just very unforgiving. It is all about learning how to play the game. Being all offensive and rambo does NOT work at lower levels in Demon's Souls. Once one learns the way of the game then it becomes quite easy.

I can beat the WHOLE game from start to finish now in about four to five hours. I even have the platinum trophy in the game.

In the end the game isn't hard at all. Learn how to play and you'll breeze through it. What makes it hard is that it is really unforgiving when a mistake is made.

Son_Lee2689d ago

I don't suck at games. Don't assume I do just because I suck at Demon's Souls. How many people on N4G have said they sucked at it? I'm a hardcore gamer, but this game just wasn't doing it for me. I know it's unforgiving, but that's not what I look for in a game personally. It just wasn't for me, enough said. I'm one of those people that doesn't "get it" when it comes to Demon's Souls. Nothing more.

PhoenixDevil2689d ago

Yh dont get too over cocky about it, I agree once you learn the environments n can afford to have 99 Full Moon Grasses and powerful weapons you can take it a little easier but the game will still kill you

When you say the whole game do you mean from 1-1 to defeating the old one or literally going through every world and every boss

Either way its a brilliant game recommend anyone to try it once, if its not your thing then thats cool Skyrim and a bunch of other gd RPGs are out there

Also I wonder how hard Dark Souls plat is gona be

KingDustero2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )


I mean from 1-1 through ALL of the bosses and thus through the Old One. The game just comes really easy to me now even though I've did three or four new games with a single character for the platinum.

Anyways Dark Souls does actually look like a MUCH harder game than Demon's Souls just from the E3 footage. They're throwing more enemies at you at once and are having them ambush you as well.

There's freaking a Maneater 2.0 at the BEGINNING of the game with the gargoyle that that has been shown in some trailers. One alone isn't too tough, but once it gets to half health a second one comes that breaths fire. In the video I saw it kept breathing fire onto the other one, which didn't damage it, but prevented the player from getting to it.

I'm really looking forward to a challenge from Dark Souls. I'll be platinuming it for sure. \

P.S. I never have bought healing items once in Demon's Souls. I just stock up on a LOT through regular play. I just don't get hit much, thus I don't need to use any grasses. The only thing I really buy are spices.

P.S.S Est or however it is spelled looks like to be better than grass. The player can no longer stock up on a whole bunch since the number of bottles a player can have is limited. Plus they can only refill them at bonfires. I think this is a nice addition that will force players to play better and not get hit as much.

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BYE2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Demon's Souls was basically the perfect game, there were no flaws in my opinion. So this is easily my most anticipated title of 2011, if not overall.

Edit: I disagree with the disagrees.

banjadude2689d ago

Me= 100 deaths... still in chapter 1, lol.

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