New Sony Players Cheat Blu-ray Specification Deadline

In the market for a new profile 1.1 Blu-ray disc player to make sure that the player has all the latest features such as picture in picture commentary?

Sony doesn't have it covered.

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shmee4878d ago

N4G hits new lows everytime

Captain Tuttle4878d ago

You just can't have good Blu-Ray news. If Sony didn't make such a big deal about Blu-Ray in the PS3 then I'd agree with you. But they have so this is fair game.

Mu5afir4878d ago

And this is OLD OLD OLD news, why did this get approved?

cuco334878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Profile 1.1 isn't just software. There are hardware features that must be there like a secondary decoder and 256 mb flash ram to name a few. If this player is being certified before the deadline dead it means it lacks something for 1.1 and CAN NOT be upgraded. Dropping the ball as usual

BD's a mess. PS3 still remains the cream of the crop for BD playback and another reason why I will only use a PS3 for BD and nothing else.

EDIT: to 2.2
yes for 1.1 profile technically the PS3 just needs a firmware upgrade and I'm not denying that. That's another reason why I think it's the best BD player. But look at the standalones. Current ones can't use the features. and then you have the 2.0 profile which the PS3 lacks the 1gb flash ram so unless it is able to use the HDD for that, 1.1 is all it'll go up to.

to 2.3
The profile 1.1 spec calls for 256mb flash ram and a secondary decoder for things like PIP. Right now the BD titles that have PIP are essentially the same movie put twice onto the disk, one without the PIP and one with it. You can't currently change it on the fly. This is just one example. There are many more for 1.1, and likewise a few more for 2.0.

ruibing4878d ago

The PS3 just needs a firmware update for 1.1.

demolitionX4878d ago

256MB flash ram for what? could u explain?
any decoder can be implemented in software, it's about how fast u're decoding with ur frame rate?

hitthegspot4878d ago

The 1.1 mandate also decrees that all Blu-ray players must hold a minimum 256MB of persistent memory storage, which will help power the picture-in-picture feature. Who know, maybe the PS3's HD will help with this requirement.

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scrillakiller4878d ago

because xbots who we get pic in pic on our ps3s through firmware on the 30 i might add have to do sumthing to make themselves feel better.its ok babies we know u feel as ur about be eaten by the beast that is ps3.

jaja14344878d ago

If your going to make fun of someone at least make your sentences readable...

jaja14344878d ago

So I decided to do some research and find if you could indeed do a firmware update on these 2 players.

But first, I do love how you 3 above me got defensive. BR=Sony=industry new, somewhat. And it is kind of sheepish for them to pull this kind of thing especially for a player that cost 1200$

Anyways I found that the general consensus is that while you might be able to upgrade to some of 1.1 profile, you probably couldn't get all the bells and whistles. Of course since no one has outright said one way or the other this may very well fall into the, "sorry no 1.1 for you" or on the flip "sure you can get 1.1 easy."

Personally I see it as kind of a gamble. And for 600/1200$ well thats one hell of a gamble. But if you really want to make sure you can play 1.1 you can buy the Samsung or LP players. Unfortunately both are duel-formate and as such cost an arm and a leg.

So either buy the player and risk not getting full 1.1.

Buy the duel-player for lots of money, but be secure in knowing its 1.1/2.0 compatible and be able to enjoy both formates.

Or wait till next year will 1.1 players come out.

Ohh yea, buy one now if you could care less about it. :)

Nameless4878d ago

So The Sony Droids are mad that negative Sony news is being posted ? Go join The Sony Defense Force forums if you want all positive Sony news all the time.

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