CD Projekt didn't rule out Witcher 2 for PS3 writes: During an E3 session with The Witcher 2, CD Projekt didn't rule out the possibility of a future PS3 port. "We're a small studio and we can only afford to work on one project a a time," said Tomas Gop from CD Projekt.

"We have about a hundred developers and most of them primarily work with PC." Asked whether they would port the game to PlayStation 3 after they're done with the Xbox 360, Gop didn't rule out the possibility.

During our Witcher 2 Xbox 360 session, we've also noticed repeated jittering. It's mostly visible when turning around and in most of the exteriors - at one point, we've even encountered the artefact at one place both the times Geralt passed through.

"This is only a pre-alpha version of the game, the first for any console, so we hope to sort everything out in time," said Gop about the jittering.

And will CD Projekt have any big news for PC fans of the game, perhaps a bigger expansion? "Sorry, I gotta go."

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Warprincess1162687d ago

Either you release it at the same time as the 360,PC or im not buying it.

Kon2687d ago

Don't buy it then. This is an RPG for smart and mature people, i don't think it would be suited for you.

Active Reload2687d ago

"Either you release it at the same time as the 360,PC or im not buying it."

Good, don't buy it. These devs don't need you type of "entitled" gamers, bringing them down with your b*tching and moaning and come to find out, you were not going to buy the game anyway.

somerandomdude2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

They are a small studio that doesn't have the resources to develop for all three at the same time. None the less it is one bad ass game.

nycredude2687d ago

Already bought on pc with better graphics and $10 cheaper.

SasanovaS19872687d ago

lets look at the past...what system was named betabox countless times?

expect witcher 2 on the ps3 with better graphics, all DLC, and extra exclusive content within 6 months or less of 360 release

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BakedGoods2687d ago

Yeah, you're really missing out on a great game.

I too though, would like a PS3 version.

F4sterTh4nFTL2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

But If I had to choose between Demon/Dark Souls & The Witcher 1/2 I would choose The Witcher 1/2 10/10 times.

Kamikaze1352687d ago

The PC version came out like two weeks ago. I guess you're not buying it then, lol.

Coffin872687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


ilikegam3s2687d ago

First... You already failed cos Witcher 2 is already out.. (for pc)

and second, dont buy it then.

KeiserSosay47882687d ago

Good. You would probably complain that it was "too hard" lol

death2smoochie2687d ago

Its already out for the PC :p

Bolts2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Thats more like it. You're probably getting a shadow of the PC's lush graphics and textures anyways. No point in paying for more and getting less like the consoles always do.

Save your bucks for games that are actually tailored for your platform of choice. For example I never buy any of Bethesda's (the Fallouts) RPGs for the PS3. They look like shit with frequent freezes and bugs to boot. Where as on the PC there's mod supports and screaming graphics.

There's a lot of games coming out this year, like always, and my console money is better spent on the likes of Uncharted 3 or Mass Effect 3.

Tony P2687d ago

Yeah, it sucks, but it's probably for the best. 360 is the easier port.

If you want a *quality* PS3 port, you're gonna have to wait.

dragonyght2687d ago

why everybody is giving Warprincess flack for stated her opinion lol.('' ) y'all look like lil puppies looking for attention

on serious note she got a point. i mean i don't know what their deal is, if there is one. but by the time they (if they decided to)announce it coming to the ps3 which might 3-6 months after the 360 which already behind the PC it will already lost its value and be completely irrelevant.i mean there are better alternatives Dark soul's, Skyrim and ME3

this isn't 2006 Capcom learn their lesson with lost planet, 2k with bishock, SE with Star Ocean, ME2 didnt't do that well and the next victim of that is Sniper Ghost Warrior its still puzzle why dev not pick on that this late the current gen

caboose322687d ago

Its because they are a small studio that has NEVER developed for console before, only pc games. If they develop for ps3 and xbox at the same time, the quality of the game will drop greatly, then console gamers will complain about that. They actually care about creating the best experience for each platform and this is the only way. Xbox is the easiest to port from pc. And people dont like Warprincess because she is a known troll/fanboy here.

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guigsy2687d ago

Yeah but I doubt they would spend another 6+ months just to port it to another platform when they undoubtedly have new projects to be getting on with. Obviously the more platforms it's on the better but I just don't see it happening on PS3.

ThatCanadianGuy2687d ago

Why not? likely MS has some length of timed-exclusivity with Witcher 2.It'll make it's way to PS3 after it's time in the 360's spotlight.I have no doubt about that.

Pandamobile2687d ago

I doubt Microsoft has it as a timed exclusive. CD Projekt likely doesn't have the resources to port it to the PS3.

Lou-Cipher2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

It's obvious that it is a paid timed exclusive for the 360 on consoles.

Microsoft knows it has very little this holliday, so it makes sense that they would throw down a few bucks for a high rated game. It has been getting pretty damn embarrassing for Microsoft the past couple of years, so they truly need that extra help this holiday.

PS3 will have it 3-6 months after the 360.

The PS3 version will probably be ready at the same the 360's version is, but will be delayed on PS3 compliments of a Microsoft Check.

starchild2687d ago

No, it probably has more to do with the fact that CD Projekt are a relatively small studio and are PC developers that don't have the time, resources or inclination to wrap their head around the obscure PS3 architecture.

MrBeatdown2687d ago

Given that MS made no mention of it at their press conference, I don't think there is a deal.

I think it's just CD Projekt focusing their attention on one platform at a time rather than dividing it between three platforms at once.

It sounds like they have the motivation to do it, so I think we will see it eventually.

RedPawn2687d ago

If they are doing it, I hope they go ahead and optimise it for Blu-Ray quality. I can wait, but if they don't then so be it, I'll try on the 360.

RedPawn2687d ago

I really meant as far as audio, and a better presentation. We all know P.C games look and play great, I just don't want a sad port when they cold actually do something with it.

iamgoatman2687d ago

Maybe he means adding 15 hours of pre-rendered cutscenes.

death2smoochie2687d ago

You do know its just a storage medium? You know this right?

"Optimise it for Blu-Ray quality"

Oh boy....

RedPawn2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yeah I know that, read the comment above, what the point is if this can fit on said DVD for 360, and the PS3 gets it last, I don't want a SHITTY port.

Oh boy is right, for actually wanting CDP to do a good job with other versions.

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