What Super Smash Bros. Will Need to Do In Order to Make A Falcon Punch on Wii U

Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming's Editor-in-Chief Martin Watts ponders the announced return of the Super Smash Bros. series and shares his thoughts on what Nintendo needs to do if it is to hit the ground running with a Wii U version of one of its flagship titles.

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eagle212781d ago

Smash Bros. baby! 3DS and WiiU .... :)

Bandrik2781d ago

I'm a casual fan of the Smash Bros games, and I have to say that these thoughts on what would make a good sequel to the Smash franchise are both thoughtful and meaningful. I actually expected fanboy drivel, but I was pleasantly surprised. Nice take on it, I agree: these would make the game one step bigger than the previous.

Besides these ideas, I would also like a major overhaul of the online matchmaking systems. I won't theorize on what would be fair and balanced, but just about anything would be better. Perhaps an XP/leveling scheme, or match "rooms" where a room creator can adjust the settings, like start a 1v1 room with no items... or a 4-player free-for-all with everything on for random fun.

Just as long as they keep motion and tilt controls to a minimum... please!

BnBMartin2781d ago

Thanks for the kind words, Bandrik. I adore the Smash Bros. series, but I do realise that what needs to be implemented and implemented well isn't the like of wavedashing or glitches, and rather more effort needs to go into augmenting the overall experience.

RockmanII72781d ago

It's all about the characters for me, I'm rooting for Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, Ryu, Geno, Pac Man, Bomberman, Simon Belmont, Krystal, Dr. Robotnik, and a surprise character like Ice Climbers and Pit were. Of course I'm not expecting all of these to get in but a few would be nice.

Bandrik2781d ago

Some very good, classic picks you have there. I can see each of those working out pretty well (except maybe Pac-man, that would be a very odd character... but probably fun).

Biggest issue of course would be Geno. Square-Enix is extremely tough to work with when it comes to IP... though then again, he has made a few cameo appearances. Who knows what may happen.

Samus HD2781d ago

The Best Game of all time its Coming in HD

SpLinT2781d ago

i really hope they dont try to reinvent it with some new things. Im fine in any other game, but not Smash bros. No slow motion close up attack or Mortal kombat xray bs, etc.