2nd-gen 65nm Xbox 360: who is waiting?

Daniel From product reviews ordered his Xbox 360 a few months before it was due to be released and it was so popular he had to wait another one and half months after that to get his hands on an Xbox 360.

A lot of time has passed since then and he has seen his brothers 360 get the red ring of death and some friends.

Even his 360 got the 3 red lights once, but then after a day it started back up again (cannot understand that).

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wageslave4873d ago

This story is old news, the 3RR heat issues are behind us. Waiting for a die-size change is a moot issue w/r/t 3RR.

The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."


Also, read this loud and clear; Microsoft said at the Tokyo Game Show:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.

WafflesID4873d ago

Wow, people still disagreed.

FALCON ISN'T A FIX FOR THE RROD. It has NOTHING to do with the RROD problem.

CyberSentinel4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Wait No More.

@3: No one can say for sure EZ, and M$ ain't talking.
On the plus side, you got the newest package available, so chances are good, you got the 65nm. You also have 3 years to enjoy your gaming, without "WAITING" or worrying.

EZCheez4873d ago

Are the 360's with the HDMI ports the one's with the 65nm chips?

I just bought a Premium yesterday (I'm tired of arguing about which is better) and I got the one with the HDMI port and it was packaged with Forza 2 and Ultimate Alliance (great deal). I got it at the Exchange too so there wasn't any tax either so that made it an even better deal.

WafflesID4873d ago

Why does it matter? It doesn't. The only benefit to the falcon is CHEAPER MANUFACTURING COSTS. There is absolutely no benefit at all for the end user.

EZCheez4873d ago

If you didn't want to answer my question then don't bother replying.

WafflesID4872d ago

Then the answer is: Just look for something that says HDMI on the box. The falcon is a moot point.

kss4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

my ass is waiting for something special

by the way im really really not gay

unlimited4873d ago

not getting a new PC this christmas from my family..Ill get gears of war and bioshock ..

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt4873d ago

65nm Xbox 360 is it out yet i wanna get one..

tatical4873d ago


The 65nm chips are out, but unfortunately only the CPU is 65nm, the GPU is still 90nm. The CPU was already properly cooled, the GPU will get the 65nm treatment late 2008.

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The story is too old to be commented.