Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Q&A: Everything You Need to Know

GR - "We managed to get in touch with the developers of the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved remake, dubbed the "Anniversary", to ask them about the game and what it has in store for fans both old and new."

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halocursed2782d ago

Game looks sick, and at a good price too.

Dan502782d ago

Will the Halo 1 pistol remain the same or be nerfed?

ilikegam3s2782d ago

Nah. I think they are only changing the graphics. And maybe some of the animations (multiplayer)

Kon2782d ago

They are only changing the graphics. Everything else will remain the same. The code of the game is the same as the fist game

ilikegam3s2782d ago

Campaign wise it would be the same. But multiplayer I think there are assassinations.

IQUITN4G2782d ago

Please let there be no screen tear or slowing down

Legion2782d ago

Still not happy with the white wash graphics. I wanted a new improved engine and better graphics. Bring it to the current generation... don't white wash it with that awful looking Master Chief helmet and the same old engine with bells and whistles attached.

You could put this on XBLA arcade but they are milking it as something big. Give me a better CE. Some games just don't live up to their old school play through. CE is one of those. I still own every Halo game currently available and this is not making me appreciate their efforts any... by just a simple HD tweak.

IQUITN4G2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

My biggest worry is now screen tear and the remastering of soundtrack- sections redone by orchestra

Sabre had a lots of screen tear i remember in their Time game and a changing of sound, no matter how subtle , is enough to ruin what it originally was.I really hope 343's own sake that they truly know what the fans expect- changes where they are not needed will only serve to p!ss fans off and have them rightfully delcare the studio as pr!cks.I doubt this from the studio but i still have my fingers crossed they get it right

The monstrosity that was the Chief's new graphic model is going thankfully as already confirmed.Stupid elongated lemon for a head would only be amusing if you knew it to be a joke or bad decision in this case

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