Need for Speed: The Run - NFS meets GTA and Heavy Rain?

DGP: "I just hope they don’t overuse those quick time events – even the final sequence where Jack frantically escapes his overturned car echoes Heavy Rain’s similar scene almost exactly."

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Crazyglues2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Actually there is two words for when a game tries to do too much, (NFS meets GTA Meets Heavy Rain) it's called, "Epic Fail"


MaxXAttaxX2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

NFS: Hot Pursuit + Heavy Rain + Fast and Furious.

I say Fast and Furious and not GTA because of the cinematic movie-like story and because it's not an openworld game where you're free to do anything.

Welshy2687d ago

just the concept of mixing an arcade-ish racer with an open world shooter and gritty emotional drama is madness.

i reckon your having a lol.

Nodoze2687d ago

This game was placed on the STAY FAR AWAY list as soon as the developer mentioned for the first time ever action outside of the why? Must we make everything into run and gun action games? Seriously?

Whomever at EA approved this needs to be taken to the woodshed. I would bet my yearly bonus this one tanks, and tanks HARD!

xAlmostPro2687d ago

I'm keeping an eye on it personally.

Heavy rain proves that using button sequences(or QTE's) for scenes & actions works & can still maintain an exciting game.

From what i saw the whole getting sprayed at by a chopper seemed unsuitted for a NFS game however it's a game it can be set in any kind of world it want's. The buttons displayed seemed to mostly be "triangle" however despite those 2 flaws(if you can call them that) it looked fun as hell to me, im hoping they'll make car chasing to run parts seamless though then it will be sure to maintain the intensity.