THQ No Longer Live Streaming WWE '12 Demo Online During E3

As reported earlier, THQ was scheduling to live stream the demo of WWE '12 throughout E3 this week. Unfortunately, a technical mishap has prevented this from happening.

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slavish32693d ago

they must have accidentally brought SvR 2011 since you can't tell the difference :p

jbl3162693d ago

This means live streaming the WWE '12 demo online to the rest of the world. They have WWE '12 at E3 but we won't see gameplay footage yet until later this week.

alousow2692d ago

because there is nothing new same thing.

Enigma_20992692d ago

Wow, they took the same game engine and added a new coat of paint. What's that... it's different? Well, you sure can't tell from what I saw.

Which wouldn't even be that bad if they'd fix the problems the last games had. AND STOP TAKING OUT MOVES! How is removing wrestling moves a solution to ANYTHING?