Mass Effect 3 “N7 Collectors Edition” Explored, Compared to other Games

FleshaEatingZipper says: "Announcements at E3 2011 indicate that Mass Effect 3 will interact with Kinect on the Xbox 360 and that it will release on March 6, 2012. Further Announcements from BioWare and EA now reveal what will be included with the collectors edition of the final installment of the epic space action / RPG trilogy. How does it stack up against other collector’s sets?"

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WhiteLightning2691d ago

This is what bugs me about most CE these days, they don't hardly have anything in collectable and when they do the quality sucks (I'm looking at you Batman Arkham Asylum)

CE like Fallout 3, Halo Reach and Assasins Creed Codex are what most CE should be like.

I never see the point in Soundtracks or Making of DVDs, they should be on the disc like ND do for Uncharted where you can unlock them. The two things will just be on Youtube in like a day or two anyway. Oh and don't get me started on Golden Guns....remember Uncharted 2 Golden Gun CE compared to that Fortune hunters edition.

It's worst when you live in Europe. We always get the short end of the stick with CE, it's only once in a blue moon we get one over the US. Oh and don't even try that pathetic argument "Oh but you guys get nicer box art then us" what, it's box art that's it.

Devs should stop shoving DLC down of throats in CE and give us a collectable items....especialy for Mass Effect 3...give us something epic to own....look at the Gamestops Retro lancer with the Gears 3 Epic edition, why can't we get something like that for a game like Uncharted 3. Drakes Diary, Sir francis drakes journal with bullethole, spanaird coin from DF, Little black box of resin from AT...that would be epic along with the belt buckle, statue and drakes ring.