Portuguese Site Reveals Information About The Getaway 3 and Eight Days

Portuguese website LusoPlay reports that: "Where stops The Getaway 3, or even Eight Days? It should be a question of many fans and beyond. These were two games that caused furor at the disclosure of their video presentation. But a silence pairou on its production.

But now that new information came to the top, and succeeded know something more envelopes these titles. The source is safe, so everything is extremely unique.

We know that the month of November will be the month of all revelations, and even prepared a small event for these two games. We have details of the production of The Getaway 3, title under development by Team Soho, under the supervision of Sony Europe. The state of development is already advanced, and now the whole structure of the environment and scenarios finalized. The team now turns to the structure of the story and the whole plot, as well as the "gameplay.

Our source ensures that the game is equal to the level graphic video shown at GDC 2006, which shows the quality of the game in real time.

Much expectation exists around, especially The Getaway 3, and the is on top of information and when new information emerged, or even images or videos will be the first to know.

They want to know the release date? For the forecasts will be 2 Quarter of 2008".

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Blackmoses4870d ago

eight days....hmmmm, yes I remeber this. Ouarter 2 2008, that's actually not too far off.

shmee4870d ago

i believe it would be released at that time. I am more excited for Getaway and 8 days than GTa

SofaKingReetodded4870d ago

like we have been warning all these dumb xbots on this site, "choo ain seen nuttin yet maing", PS3's lineup will DESTROY!!!!!! the 360 in 08.

It's gonna look like an old Tyson fight, the 360 is gonna go down so hard.

marinelife94870d ago

I want to see more about 2 days to Vegas as well.

Devr4870d ago

Q2, huh? If it would release in Q2, they would've probably showed it at E3. Unless this is some sort of master plan.

SofaKingReetodded4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I think someone is finally catching on.

and to think these bitter xbots DISAGREE with me when I say the PS3 is fully capable of running a game like Crysis. JUST LOOK AT THOSE SCREENSHOTS FOR THE GETAWAY YOU XBOT MORONS, IT LOOKS BETTER THAN CRYSIS!!!!!

there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

mesh14870d ago

Watch the sony driods lactch on to this post like its the 2nd coming of god hahah (DELUDED SONY FANBOTS)

Foliage4870d ago

Funny, I was watching how the xbots would latch on to this topic trying to discredit the game since it is on the PS3.

That was quick.

You'd think that if the game featured anything above 640p you xbots would be amazed.

shmee4870d ago

where it is now dead . Died at the hands of PS3 after the price cut .

dont forget to weep this December when ps3 rules again.


Sam Fisher4870d ago

but 1 prob how do i choose i got both???

SabreMan4870d ago

why !! why !! why !! post such garbage

deluded it seems you have an inferiority complex

please tell me what is the point of your post, both these games look great so why wouldn't ps3 owners highly anticipate both titles ??

have you nothing better to do ??

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LSDARBY4870d ago

I cant wait, Getaway is gonna be so cool.

Ri0tSquad4870d ago

I thought it was canceled.

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The story is too old to be commented.