Joystiq: Mass Effect 3 Preview: Run and gun

Joystiq: "Since the beginning of the Mass Effect series, BioWare has had to walk the line between the role-playing genre the company is known for, and the series' setting-driven third-person shooter combat. The first game in the series was arguably a role-playing game with shooter elements, and the second game, to both cheers and jeers from fans, definitely bent a little further towards the shooter side of things. And with the third title, a BioWare representative told Joystiq at E3 this week, Bioware wants to "bring both of those elements up at the same time" -- increase the depth of the customization and the role-playing game, and make the combat sequences more smooth and exciting than ever.

We got to play through one short segment of the game, and while we didn't see a lot of the RPG elements in that part, it's safe to say that the combat is coming together to be some of the best the series has ever seen."

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EvilDonkey2694d ago

Seems like they have gotten the shooter part down nicely.

I really hope that they have done a lot more to the RPG part, since it is an RPG/shooter... Not that much RPG over ME2.