Jobs to go at EA

Development, publishing and corporate layoffs "a small and somewhat routine event" says spokesperson
Some staff at EA's studios around the world are facing redundancy, in what the publisher is calling a small-scale and routine move that comes as production on the year's games winds down.

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Loopy4870d ago

Soon, layoff of Bioware and Pandemic staff...

Sam Fisher4870d ago

wouldnt work there almost all their games rnt great

Topshelfcheese4870d ago

I don't understand how this is news, all large companies in all industries have layoffs every year. This isn't a magical land we live in, were everyone has a job, and no one is ever let go.

aggh im on fire4870d ago

Don't know if this is linked at all but ive been reading a lot of rumours about microsoft having talks with EA...big talks. Rumour is they are asking EA to push for a single plstform. They figure that the sales they will loose from other platforms will soon be made up by people having to buy the platform to play EA games, and there development costs will shrink due to the one console. EA stated this week the benifits in a single platform. Where this would leave the wii and Ps3 one can only speculate....but like i said its just a rumour.
I personally hope this is not the case.

Komrad4870d ago

all employess with a heart must leave EA.