Ico & Shadow of The Colossus Collection - E3 2011: Wandering Gameplay (Cam)

Horse riding, sabre rattling and running highlights this cam gameplay from E3 2011.

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pedrami912781d ago

It' smooth and beautiful. My god.

Bought. Day one.

n4gisatroll2781d ago

I know!!!

I'm so glad it looks like all the screen tearing and all the drop in fps has been cleaned up and the game looks even more beautiful then it did on the ps2, very much a day one from me as well!

starchild2781d ago

Day one for me too. I love these Team Ico games and to play them in such a beautiful, remastered form will be a real treat.

Sunhammer2781d ago

Oh my god, dude. Holy shit.

solidsheep2781d ago

I'm just wondering if all the hd ps2 re-masters will be compatible with psv.

Nitrowolf22781d ago

I'm hoping it will have Universal Remote Play with all PS3 games

DrRichtofen2781d ago

Do you realise how epic that would be!! great idea i hope they have that too.

birdy9662781d ago

Nope, just the ones the PSP did, the blog answered loads of questions regarding the PSVita

solidsheep2781d ago

But if you watch the Kojima konami pre-e3 presser video
he talks about “Transfarring" and linking with psv

2781d ago
Tdmd2781d ago

I'm happy whith this, off course, but those games really deserved full remakes, not just hd treatment!

TBM2781d ago

day one for sure. loved them back on ps2

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The story is too old to be commented.