IGN- E3 2011: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Is Slick

IGN: "There hasn't been a brand new Sly Cooper game in nearly six years, and after seeing two levels of the PlayStation 3's Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the thing I can't stop talking about isn't Sly's more mature look or the fact that you're time traveling; it's a boss' health meter. It's not that the rest of the game isn't good looking or exciting -- it is -- it's just that this health bar had a caricature of the boss, and there was smoke wafting from his cigar. Wafting smoke on one of the game's tiniest details! It looked like a CGI movie it was so slick, and that attention to detail is sprinkled throughout what I saw of the new Sly.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time as an evolution of the franchise according to developer Sanzaru Games. This isn't a sequel from Sucker Punch -- the folks who made the first three Sly games -- but a reimagining of the world. Don't panic: this isn't a reboot of the third-person platformer."

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Omar912781d ago

i been waiting for this for a while now. show gameplay!

Convas2781d ago

Nitro, I hereby express my undying non-homo love for you.


This looks AMAZING. Day motherflipping ONE!

gaden_malak2781d ago

I express my love for you as well.

Lou-Cipher2781d ago

Add me to the circle jerk.

Omar912781d ago

Nitro: thank you so much... I can sleep peacefully now ZzZz

bangoskank2781d ago

Not knocking the game. It looks fantastic and is a must buy for me, but.... that battle with El Jefe reminds me a lot of the one with the Black Knight from Lords of Shadow.

ReservoirDog3162781d ago


He looks a little odd actually but still!


MaxXAttaxX2781d ago

And Lord of Shadows reminds me A LOT of other games as well LOL

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Thecraft19892781d ago

Saw some gameplay on game trailers before looks good. Hope the new devs can live up to that of sucker punch.

Nitrowolf22781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

from what i have seen it looks like it will. I hope it's not Linear (don't know why they would)
What i'm hoping for is that the game is just one Huge massive Map. So like in other sly games where you would have to select where to go, this one all those areas would be together making a huge map. Of course there would be stuff in between and everything.

Pretty much a beatifulopen world game
IDK i'll love it still even if it's the old way.

Thecraft19892781d ago

I can't wait. Loved getting those plats in the collection.

I think sly 3 was the worsed I don't know i think the change in voice actor for the girl cop was terrible and the whole feel of the game was kind of poor hope they see what went wrong and improve on that.

Nitrowolf22781d ago

Loved Sly 3 but the voice change was highly noticeable and bothered me big time.
1 and 2 voice changes wasn't that big of a notice. If they are gonna bring one of the 3 voices i say bring the one that did hers in 2

Motorola2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

@Nitro. It cant be linear, the gameplay video shows it. I dont know if you noticed the small things in sly 1 -3 like I did lol. So when Sly is running around the boss in the GT gameplay video/interview. He is sprinting and then he is strafing in a way around the boss to avoid his attack.

In SLY 1, all you could do is run. in Sly 2 and 3, you have the same movement animation as Sly 4 in the video. When your not running outside of combat, you are sneaking. If its not open world, there is no point of sneaking really. It HAS to be open world

ReservoirDog3162781d ago

Every Sly Cooper game is pretty much confined open world games so I'm pretty sure they'll take it to the next step.

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banjadude2781d ago

Once I get the Sly Cooper collection, this will be a very welcomed addition!