Resident Evil Dev: The Proof Is In The Pudding

NowGamer speaks to Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, about the negative reaction to outsourcing the latest Resident Evil game to Western developer Slant Six.

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aCasualGamer2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I find it a bit disturbing that Capcom wants to make the game more appealing to western gamers when it's clear that the only "gamers" they care about are their share holders. They're trying to milk out another shooter and put RE on it and be done with it. There is no real incentive for gamers to buy the game... it's basically just another co-op shooter with RE zombies in it.

They are undoubtedly working on another big RE game for PS3/360 that only focuses on singleplayer but it's sad that they're not showing it. Capcom shouldn't destroy the franchises that holds together the company. Abusing such a great franchise will end up hurting the company bigtime, their only chance for saving their reputation is by giving the fans WHAT WE WANT.


If you want to create something new and different, be my guest and create all the new IP's you want. But don't use an already great franchise and rape it infront of the fanbase. That's just disrespectful.

SephirothX212693d ago

I agree but certain concepts like Outbreak were brilliant. Its just that the execution was not very successful. This game is only a spin-off. Even if it is really bad, I doubt it will hurt the series as its not a main game. I think they should make Outbreak 3 for current gen consoles now that online connectivity is much better. The idea behind Outbreak captures the concept of survival more than any other RE game.

aCasualGamer2693d ago

Yes i agree, i loved Outbreak versions.

But they still kept the feel of the Resident Evil franchise intact. They didn't change too much to make it feel awkward and disjointed from the previous games. Operation Raccoon City is so off from whatever vision i had for a nextgen Outbreak. This is basically a shooter with zombies.

Outbreak on PS2 had soooooo much more to the game. It had puzzles, the story was great, the character felt real, the soundtrack was amazing, the cutscenes were great, the bosses were great, the different environments were great and it was scary. Even though they failed to succeed with their online visions, the game was a true RE game with or without multiplayer.

This game has a completely different feel to it. It's a fast paced action shooter and not what RE stands for.

Unfortunately, this is a true letdown for RE fans.

BubbleSniper2693d ago

that's a fabulous Top Hat, Mr. Dead.

fastNslowww2693d ago

lol..this guy has NO idea what he's talking about. Does capcom even listen to the fans?

The game has potential..but needs a shit load of work, expecially in animations. Again, this game isn't part of the real RE franchise but a side spin off with umbrella trying to kill leon. So the action elements is understandable, but it just looks bad..FIX IT!

Les-Grossman2693d ago

I will be ignoring this game as it is so not cool to see characters we grew up with start dying randomly in a game

thrashermario2693d ago

i don't care what other people say about this game i am buying it day 1