Top 5 "Vita" Puns's CliffyB3 writes:

"Sony announced yesterday during its E3 presser that the name of its “Next-Generation Portable” was indeed the “PS Vita”.

There are a lot of mixed opinions out there, but one thing is certain: we can have a lot of fun with this new name. For example, here are five great Vita puns that I came up with – leave a comment and get in on the fun, share some more Vita-puns!"

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Tired2693d ago

Who do I need to speak to about compansation for the time wasted reading that drivel?

BiggCMan2693d ago

Have a sense of humor man, its not meant to be taken seriously. VelVITA had me in stitches as that is one of my favorite childhood meals, and still a great one today. BraVITA television was funny also.

Tired2692d ago

Didn't mean to offend just didn't find it funny, or particularly clever word play.

As puns go I'm not even sure they could be regarded as being such.

cbakehorn2693d ago ShowReplies(1)
tweet752693d ago

2012 will be the year of vita and wiiu

just sounds strange very strange

-Mezzo-2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

TBH, they're not that funny, well we'll see many more in the Coming months.

cbakehorn2693d ago

I didn't go out and search for Vita puns, I just came up with a few myself and I found myself amused by a few of the results.

Not trying to be the top comedian on here or anything, I'm sure there will be much better ones in the coming months. I look forward to them, because I tried to think of more, and decided just to have fun with it instead of trying to kid myself that I'm the most clever person around.

-Mezzo-2693d ago

I don't know what gave you the Idea that i was trying to be clever.

I just shared my feeling towards the jokes "Not Funny", juts like you shared yours in the Article & found them to be "Funny".

It's that simple. So take it easy pal. We're all friends here.

Yomiro2693d ago

I will call this device The PSV

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