E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 - The Story So Far

E3 has been kind to Mass Effect 3 fans. We've had omniblades, giant Reapers, lady krogans and Kinect controls. But, with a new combat style, is it all unicorns and rainbows?

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larrym2692d ago

Lol, I can't wait to see the jackass Citadel Council's faces when The Reapers show up and start tearing shit up. "Ah yes, Reapers, the immortal race of sentient starships, allegedly waiting in darkspace,we have dismissed the claim". I wanna put my foot in that Turian's ass.

MikeTyson2692d ago

The Kinect controls were so lame. Why not do that shit with the fucking mic?

krazykombatant2692d ago

idk why but i'm just not feeling the hype that i felt when the second one came out. I don't like the fact that shepard went back to allience. If i'm renegade i would love to still be part of Cerberus. Furthermore, why do you HAVE to be on trial cuz of the events in arrival.

I once again state my claim against Cannon DLC. If something is soooo fucking important to the story line. Don't put it in the DLC you douchebags. One of these days i'm gonna have to buy lair of the shadow, and arrival. I hate paying for DLC. I got the game early on give me access to all the DLC. That should be an advantage if you pre-order.