The Nintendo Wii U Won E3 2011

Alright, everyone. You can go home. E3 2011 is a mainly bust besides Nintendo’s amazing Wii U. Microsoft added Bing to the 360 and Sony announced the name of the NGP, the Vita. Sure, there are several clever games like Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and several new Zelda games. But there really isn’t anything new per se here. It’s a bunch of rehashing of the same, I’m sorry, tired story lines.

Of course E3 is still fun. Hell, it’s probably one of the most fun trade shows of the year. It’s wall-to-wall video games. Stick around if you must, but once you see the Wii U, you may as well head home because that’s the best as it gets here this year.

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movements2688d ago

Hands down Nintendo won this.

2687d ago
TheBlackSmoke2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Nintendo didnt even show the console. Their reveal caused more confusion than excitement. From all we learned, we basically have a bastardised psvita/ipad as a controller and the games are the usual 100 mario and zelda titles mixed in with multiplats.

Besides, by the time this comes out sony and ms are gonna be on the verge of starting next gen, making wii U irrelavant once again.


erm, did you not hear nintendo telling us that their next project would be revolutionary. We were told by them and this is what they delivered.

By game announcements you mean mario kart, mario bros, mario,mario,mario n64 ports for 3ds. You have low standards then. they didnt even show a single demo.

edit 2: that is such bs. I cant stand "the gameplay over graphics argument" which basically creates an ultimatum that you can only have one or the other. Its like you completely forgot about the wii which claimed the same thing and yet its most acclaimed games are the ones with the least amount of motion control intergration (twilight princess,mario galaxy, smash bros, nsmb etc.).

You just sound like your making excuses. Did you notice the cheers when they showed the hardcore multiplats coming out for it. proving that core gamers are on PS3 and 360. funny thing is by the time this thing launches, these multiplats would of already been on other consoles for a year. nintendo could have this blow up in their face.

-Alpha2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Why did they need to come up with something revolutionary?

They came up with a good controller that is being well received. The gameplay possibilities are also interesting.

I think Nintendo had the best E3 too, especially because they had the most of what is most important: game announcements.

New hardware is almost the highlight of E3, and Nintendo, though poorly, revealed an interesting, yet skeptical product.


I wouldn't call Wii irrelevant. I understand that they will be outdated, but I firmly think Nintendo's approach of gameplay over graphics is a smart alternative for them as a company. This gen has seen Wii leading with MS and Sony following in their footsteps. So Nintendo is far from "irrelevant"

Sony and MS (god knows about MS with Kinect lately) are pushing standard HD gaming. It'd be crazy to expect Nintendo to do the SAME thing. There is barely room for 2 similar consoles, let alone 3.

The explanation was confusing, but it's clear now that it's a new console with a new way to approach gameplay and I trust Nintendo will utilize their mechanics like they did with Wii and DS.

Edit: Low standards?? Those are AAA franchises. Also, those look nothing like n64 games, did u even watch any videos? Those are brand new games. Again, Nintendo had announced the most games

dedicatedtogamers2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The BIG question: How much per controller? How much will it cost to play 4 player with this new tech? $100 per controller? $150? Why won't Nintendo answer?

I can see how - to a tech site - Nintendo won. The Wii U is a cool piece of technology. So is/was the 3DS, but when the 3DS actually came out, there were very few games and the 3D effect was underwhelming.

Nintendo is trying to be different just for the sake of being different. It doesn't mean this will be a success. Remember that the Gamecube and Virtua Boy were "different".

Shok2687d ago

Dude, you can't make a completely reasonable and logic comment on N4G. That is forbidden here.

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kikizoo2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Like last year with 3DS, fanboyz was saying "nintendo win", despite the fact sony has THE games for 2011..

delusional much... like :

- "Outside of PSV Sony had nothing..... " ? the best ones, like 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011...

and all the dumb misinformed fanboyz talking about "followers", when sony or even microsoft had eye toy, freestyle sidewinder, and others move prototype since 2000, when sony has ALWAYS 3,5 years of technological advance (psp, ps3, etc), bluray, etc and way better library each gens (more games, and more greats in %, like metacritic can testify)

Shok2688d ago

I agree, but honestly it wasn't that hard to beat Sony's and Microsoft's conference, especially if you have a new system to show.

This E3 was lack-luster.

thugbob2687d ago

Outside of Wii U Nintendo had nothing...

Shok2687d ago

Outside of PSV Sony had nothing.....

Outside of Halo Microsoft had nothing.....

See what I did der?

Dude.....neither of the other companies had much eachother =/. Nintendo was the best of the worst.

thugbob2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Sony had nothing outside of PSV? Really?

Damn, Sony must have shown some pretty awful games then.

I'm being sarcastic, if you guys even know what that means...

Happythedog2687d ago

Yes, video chat will be a amazing game and that's never been done before.

news4geeks2687d ago

f*ck this nintendo ass kissing. The wiiu is an absolute joke.

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jayzablade2687d ago

cue MS/Sony fanboy tears...

news4geeks2687d ago

cue nintendo fanboys masturbating over any tacky piece of casual tripe nintendo churn out.

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