Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Might Still Happen' – Square

Yoshinori Kitase, producer at Square Enix, has been speaking to NowGamer about 'that' remake of Final Fantasy VII.

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Nate-Dog2688d ago

They're just looking for attention now I'd say. Square have way too many titles on their hands already anyway to add in this blockbuster.

Chug2688d ago

Square can take it and stick it. I wanted this a few years back, but not anymore. Not with the crap they've been putting out.

Dart892688d ago

Yea and if it goes multiplat it will be even worse square can f*** off.

vudu2688d ago

Did it make you mad when Final Fantasy 7 was released for the PC too?

DragonKnight2688d ago

It won't happen, they're lying. But IF it does, you can expect it to be on a handheld FOR SURE with Crisis Core graphics.

@vudu: That was back in an era where there was no such thing as "console parity" where developers would screw one userbase in quality to please the userbase of an inferior console, technically speaking. Porting up is better than porting down.

vudu2688d ago

Yeah I know. I miss those days sometimes.

hay2687d ago

Yeah, they can take it and stick it. We're all angry at SquareEnix for what they do. We've been begging for years for it and they didn't do a thing spewing BS and now they're teasing.
And since we're angry at Square, most people will still buy the game prooving that they can do this kind of shit, and people will still give them money.

I know I won't be buying new games from Square anymore. Maybe we should show those companies we're not walking wallets.

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tehReaper2688d ago

I wish they would stop teasing us. It's getting old. All they have to do is pick a console, preferably PS3, and make it happen. No need to waste time on ports. It'll sell well on PS3 alone.

pedrami912688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

EDIT: Christ, one joke and you get hammered with disagree's.

majiebeast2688d ago

Psvita title would be more logical.

DragonKnight2688d ago

No one wants to play a massive RPG like FFVII on a handheld.

Lucreto2688d ago

Kitase is fuelling the fire. As much as I want a remake I just want the idea to die. It was a tech demo just like FF VIII was used in a the PS2 tech demo.

_Q_2688d ago

Finishing sentence: "If, we start to screw up more and lose more money."

WhiteLightning2688d ago

Oh for gods sake Square just do it so then you can make a FF8 remake after you realise how much a FF remake will sell.

You FF7 fans think waiting for a FF7 remake is painfull, try wanting a FF8 remake and then realising Sqaure have got to make FF7 first. <sigh>

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The story is too old to be commented.