PS3 Exclusive GripShift Coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

"According to a new ESRB ratings update, Sidhe Interactive is bringing its Stunt Car Racer-esque game to Xbox Live Arcade."

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FordGTGuy4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Don't be a fanboy the ESRB ratings are official tellings of games and pre-told a bunch of Xbox Live Arcade before they were even announced including Doom, Ecco, Sonic, and even Quake Arena which is not out yet. And no it has never been wrong about it.

The games have different publishers, ratings and rating descriptions so lets wait and see about them being the same exact game.

so far:
Lame: (3 minutes ago)
Rumour based on ersb rating? Hardly news worthy..
Reported by: titntin
Lame: (13 minutes ago)
Reported by: lebaneseprince1

lebaneseprince14873d ago

i called it lame cause the game sux

titntin4873d ago

Its a lame story prcisely because it has not detials at all.
It simply links to a description of a very old PSN game, which I don't believe IS newsworthy.
The only information here,is that there is ESRB rating for a game of the same name. As you quite rightly point out, everything else is different other than the name, so this 'story' provides no details concerning what the release may be.
If the story pointed out these facts instead of simply describing the old game, it would be news.

Fanboy?? What a pathetic comment. I will approve any story regardless of platform as I am a fan and owner of all platforms. In my experience, it seems its the most seriously biased who are the first to shout fanboy for no reason at all.

Ri0tSquad4873d ago

first PSN game I brought. It seriously sucks due to the lack of features the PSP version had like building a track.

SabreMan4873d ago

if it does come to xbox live 360 owners are in for a treat, it's a cracking little racer that perfect for a 20 minute speedathon with a few live buddies.

i've had lots of fun with it over the psn i don't see why 360 owners won't, it would be a cracking addition to live arcade

Dpa4873d ago

I used the [email protected] trick to get this game for free.
It was so bad i deleted it after 20 minutes even though it was free.
Its very nearly as bad as the Yaris game (which buy the way put me off buying any form of toyota ever in the next 100 years), and thats saying something.

sak5004873d ago

Its starts off with PS3 exclusive low quality games moving over to 360 and then goes to MGS4 and FFXIII etc.

Meus Renaissance4873d ago

And then you woke up!

No, seriously, if you want those games this much that you can keep talking about them maybe your heart lies with the PlayStation 3.

AllroundGamer4873d ago

lol he will never wake up, it's a neverending fanboy dream :)

Meus Renaissance4873d ago

Well if he wants those games, doesn't he want a PS3? It's like saying I want God Of War so I'll just get an Xbox and want for it to be ported.

AllroundGamer4873d ago

or if a PS3 owner would want to play Gears of War... well he would probably get the PC version with extra content and free online play :)

Liquid Ocelot4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Your an idiot sak for thinking MGS4 and FF13 would be going to the 360 as well as some of the other X-box fans are making up facts like in this comment in an 360 article heres a link to it as well
Dic.k_Mitchell - 27 Oct 2007 00:23

Ignore7 - @ solidt12 - MGS4, FF13, FF13 Versus are all currently in development for Xbox 360. That is 4-Sure!
Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13, and Final Fantasy 13 Versus are all currently in development for the Xbox 360.

Everyone who knows about the videogame industry is fully aware that this is a fact. For example, at the Leipzig Convention in Germany, Konami's programmer, Hideo Kojima, was showing MGS4 to the audience. One of the editors asked if Metal Gear Solid 4 was in development for the Xbox 360. Kojima-san responded by saying, "Metal Gear Solid 4 has not been officially announced for the Xbox 360...Yet."

When Kojima briefly paused, and then said "Yet," everyone in the audience burst out laughing because everyone in the audience knows for a fact that Metal Gear Solid 4 is actually in development at Konami, and has been for a long just hasn't been "Officially" announced, yet.

The reason why MGS4 has not yet been "Officially" because of people who are actually gullable enough to believe Sony that MGS4 is an exclusive PS3 game. People like that will allow false promises to provide them with motivation to buy the PS3. In reality, it is common knowledge that Metal Gear Solid 4 is already in development for the Xbox 360.

Please remember, the day before Capcom "Officially" announced Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox 360, Capcom "Officially" announced that it was not in development for the Xbox 360, even though it had been for quite a while!

A game company can make as many "Official Denials" as they want, but it only takes one "Official Confirmation" to cancel all of the previous denials...and the fact is, false denials are often made. Devil May Cry 4 is proof of this, and so is Assassins Creed, Unreal Tournament 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Fight Night Round 3, and many others.

For example, Fight Night Round 3 was originally announced only for PS3. It actually was released a year earlier on the Xbox 360!

Another example is Fatal Inertia. It was originally announced as a Playstation 3 exclusive game. Then it was also announced for the Xbox 360. Then the Playstation 3 version was cancelled, and it was released exclusively for the Xbox 360.

In fact, the way sources describe the situation, Konami is targeting a release date of "Spring 2008" for the PS3 version of MGS4. However, Konami is perfectly well aware that there is an excellent chance that MGS4 will be delayed until the Holiday season of 2008. One of my sources even said "Metal Gear Solid 4 has a 'Holiday 2008' Birthmark on it.'"

The way the situation was described to me if Konami does actually release MGS4 in spring of 2008 for the PS3, then the Xbox 360 version will be released three to five months afterwards.

If you want proof that you can see for yourself from a reliable source, the Official Xbox Magazine actually claims that if the PS3 version releases in spring of 2008, then the Xbox 360 version will release five months after the PS3 version in order to be available for the Holidays, and the Xbox 360 version will include VR Missions that aren't available in the PS3 version.

If the PS3 version of MGS4 is delayed until the Holiday season of 2008, then it will actually release simultaneously with the Xbox 360 version, and the extra VR Missions will be downloadable on the Internet at later points in time.


As far as Final Fantasy 13 Versus goes: it was never considered an exclusive game, and it will launch simultaneously on both systems. However, that will not happen for a loooooong time, because Square Enix said at the Tokyo Game Show that Final Fantasy 13 Versus was only 5% complete. We won't see Final Fantasy 13 Versus until 2009.


Final Fantasy 13 also will not be released until 2009. Square Enix said at the Tokyo Game Show that the game is currently only 13% complete. Microsoft is very close to working out a deal for simultaneous release on both systems. And it wasn't Microsoft who went to Square Enix, it was Square Enix who went to Microsoft to make the deal. Square Enix wants to expand their worldwide sales to North America and Europe--the markets where Xbox 360 has sold far more systems than the Playstation 3...and that sales lead grows by hundreds of thousands of systems each month in those markets.

* People don't seem to understand that there is motivation for a third-party company to create games exclusively for the Xbox 360, but not for the Playstation 3.

Sony charges third-party publishers TWICE the amount of Licensing and Royalty fees that Microsoft does to develop games. It may have been worth it last generation when there were 100 million PS2 systems, and only 20 million Xbox systems. But this generation there are nearly eight million more Xbox 360 owners, and that lead continues to grow in favor of the Xbox 360 each day.

When a developer creates an exclusive game for the PS3, Sony does not offer any type of deal to the developer. Sony simply tells developers that they will sell more copies of the game because they can customize their software to the PS3 system, which will supposedly help them sell more copies of the game.

But Microsoft actually provides third-party publishers and independent game developers with financial motivation to create Xbox 360 games. Microsoft gives discounts on the Licensing and Royalty fees if a game is created exclusively for Xbox 360. This is excellent news that third-party companies love, because the Xbox 360 has more owners, game development is easier and less time consuming, and development costs are lower. That is why the Xbox 360 receives a much greater number of exclusive third-party games.
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I find it funny that X-box fans resort to making up fake facts to try and persaude people that MGS4 and FF13 are going to the 3fixme.

Ri0tSquad4873d ago

"We wouldn't be able to do what we are doing now with out blu ray"

STFU MGS4 isn't getting downgraded to xbox 360.

wageslave4873d ago

@Meus -- you really are one of the lamest PS3 fanboys on this site.

"like saying I want God Of War so I'll just get an Xbox and want for it to be ported. "

No. It is not like that at all. MGS4 and FFXIII are not 1st party titles. They are Konami and Square Enix respectively.

Both firms already publish exclusives and multi-plat games on Xbox 360.

Square Enix has already delivered Final Fantasy on the Xbox

Metal Gear originally shipped on NES. Then moved to PS.
FF originally shipped on NES. Then moved to PS.

The reason for those two moves was probably install base... and if those two games want to sell, they are going to have to target the Xbox 360. Because as it stands right now, the Xbox 360 is increasing its total world-wide install base. And this looks to be the case through the holidays.

All that said, im not particularily interested in either game, MGS4 looks like a shooter -- ive got plenty of those.

Any new FF is Faux Fantasy as far as Im concerned. Sakaguchi-san is writing games for Xbox 360 (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Cry-On (and another, rumoured to be MMO)). I'll be playing Sakaguchi produced & designed, Takehiko Inoue art-directed, and Nobuo Uematsu music composed Lost Odyssey before you'll have any of whatever the meat grinders in Square Enix churn out and slap "FF" on the front.

The best days for FF ended when Sakaguchi left.

MGS4 & FFXIII -- not that I particularily care for either title -- are _VERY_ likely (in my estimation, and according to many rumours) to be coming to Xbox 360.

Skerj4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Gotta love that awesome 360 fan logic. Ok before Gears how many games were actually worth having a 360 for that you couldn't get on another platform? I'll give you Condemned, Dead Rising, and GRAW which is on other platforms but the 360 version is different slightly. Viva Pinata came out the day before Gears but hell you can have that one too. My point is, when Gears came out it made people take the machine seriously and by your logic they could have just as easily put it on the PC then instead since it has a vastly larger install base.

So now it's the PS3's turn to get their own system selling 3rd party exclusives yet you REFUSE to let go of that damn rumor and spread it as "fact". Hell Ryan Payton said just last week that it was PS3 exclusive when asked again, how many times do the developers have to say it before people will let it go? I have the aforementioned games on 360 and a few more and I can honestly say that while fun, I probably wouldn't have bought the system had I not gotten the premium brand new from craigslist for $150.

As far as FFXIII coming to 360, that's not happening either. Sure FFXI is there, because it's a PC port and how many copies did it sell on the 360? Blue Dragon. ..I'm sorry but that game sucked Persona 3 spanked it hardcore and that's a PS2 game. Everyone will defend it's awesome old school gameplay and paper thin cliche storyline. If I want old school I'll replay Chronotrigger, made by the same people and it's a better game. It shows you that developers just can't be bought and made to manufacture an RPG. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen to Lost Odyssey as it does have an interesting premise.

You said "either title -- are _VERY_ likely (in my estimation, and according to many rumours) to be coming to Xbox 360." Sorry man facts trump rumors and your estimation, and if you can't provide them then you're just perpetuating that same lame ass rumor.

All in all, let it go people and get a PS3. It's a good system and the games are flowing now. Or else 2010 will roll around and you'll still be saying "MGS4 is coming to 360!!" while MS preps their new system for Xmas release.

wageslave4873d ago

"All in all, let it go people and get a PS3."

Clearly you missed the part where I said I wasnt interested in MGS4 or any Sakaguchi-less FF.

And, I think we have to agree to disagree on this. We'll have to wait I 'spose.

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