Rumour: Mass Effect 3 Could Hit Wii U

Geoff really does know how to get the most out of his interviewees, as he’s got EA to talk about Mass Effect and the Wii U. When asked about whether EA would be bringing Mass Effect 3 to Wii U, it was met with smirks and smiles, whilst Frank Gibeau, President, EA Games Label said, ”we will announce that when the time’s right.”

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Nate-Dog2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Can't say I'd be massively surprised especially after EA's spokesperson (not sure on the name) came out to speak at the Nintendo conference, to be honest I was expecting them to announce it there and then considering the other titles they had just revealed to be going to the Wii U and considering EA seem like they're very interested in bringing a lot of titles over to the platform.

EvilDonkey2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah, I am pretty sure that it will get almost all the new multi platform games and if it is successful, a lot of the old ones with minor new features.

Tony P2779d ago

It probably will.

But it's just so unappealing imo to play only one of the trilogy since the games are connected like no others.

That's ME's biggest selling point for me-- not headshots and all that crappy attention to shooting-- carrying over your decisions.

Sure, you can throw in some kind PS3 ME2 prologue comic, but you lose out on the journey, which imo is what the RPG experience is about at its core.

EvilDonkey2779d ago

True Tony

But, if they can use the new controller to do something special and outstanding, ill buy it for the Wii U, if it doesn't suck.

Nate-Dog2779d ago

Oh I agree, and to be honest I think bringing over Assassins Creed is even more odd since by the time the Wii U is out 5 AC games will have been released (if you include the PSP game). But at the end of the day Nintendo are trying to bring back in the core crowd that have left and I think they're doing a good job at it looking at what they have lined up just so far.

xCaptainAmazing2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I made the mistake of being a one console guy this generation. I grew up on Nintendo, was introduced to hardcore on Xbox/360, and now I just have a PS3.

I will not make the same mistake again.

I'm not sure when, but I WILL get a Wii U and probably one of the other two new consoles, depending on which strikes my fancy as a player. How can I look at that Zelda HD demo and say, "No, thanks"? Regardless of its third party support, I will be picking one up. Nintendo has a special place for me, and I feel like they're trying to turn it around.

So, what say you MS and Sony, which of you will compete for my attention next?

NatureOfLogic2779d ago

That's Funny, I grew up on Nintendo too but I never bought the wii, but I will be buying the WU.

Skip_Bayless2779d ago

Not buying the WiiU because the next Xbox and next Playstation will be out with better features. PSV makes WiiU obsolete

xCaptainAmazing2779d ago

You're stupid and don't even know what the Wii U is apparently. The only loser here is you because you like to shallow your mind to a single console manufacturer.

StarCSR2779d ago

Yes... A handheld device will make an entire new gaming platform obsolete! Great thinking!

SovereignSnaKe2779d ago

-it would be nice to play it on the WiiU, but I started the Trilogy on the xbox, it must end on the xbox, and.. dude seriously, who wants to wait even longer than next march to play Mass Effect!!, Certainly not I! :D

CobraKai2779d ago

That's my mentality. I love how my actions from the first game influences what happens in the rest. Something you can't do on any other system.

ufo8mycat2779d ago

LOL @ playing CORE games on a Nintendo console.

BF3 is going to be ohhhh so lonely on Wii:U. Hardly anyone playing.

TheDivine2779d ago

LOL @ people who think nintendo isnt core. Ive been gamin on nintendos consoles since nes and theyve always been great up until the wii (which sold better than the rest) and now the wii u is their return to glory.

StarCSR2779d ago

Yeah.... Core games on a Nintendo console. It's like Big N's first three generations all over again!
Some people are just too young to know what they're talking about if it comes to Nintendo...

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