E3 2011: Three Reasons Why Nintendo E3 Conference Was A Disappointment

Nintendo has finally revealed the successor of its infamous Wii, and while majority of the gamers who patronized Nintendo’s products since then, there are also others who found that the company’s newly finished E3 conference was a disappointment. Wii U will be released in 2012 that will feature a touch screen controller. However Nintendo presented their new console, there are still some reasons people have been disappointed, here are three of them;

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BakedGoods2694d ago

Wii U? Really? If gaming is to be recognized as a culturally significant force in the mainstream media, they've got to move away from these cheesy, almost child-like names.

At least Vita has some cultural and linguistic significance.

-Alpha2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Gotta love their reasoning though:

Wii was about WE! Therefore U is about YOU!

Thus, Wii... U!


They were better off calling it the Wii 2. Vita is actually not bad, people will call it the PSV anyway.

In all honesty, Nintendo doesn't make good names, except for the Gamecube and Gameboy

sikbeta2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I'm not gonna say disappointment, but it was really confusing, they were talking about the controller all the time and the console barely appeared in a video lol name is definitely Wrong! call it wii-2, wwi-hd, but wii-u? WTH!?

2693d ago
NatureOfLogic2693d ago

Wii U, just call it the WU.

Wu Tang Wu Tang Wu Tang.

AEtherbane2693d ago

See, If nintendo had announced any major game, and had done something significant with the announcement of the Wii U, then they would have won, hands down. But they didn't, and were left with more questions than answers from a less than stellar performance.

-Alpha2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

My biggest disappointments:

-The name. It's awful
-Lack of demoes (though they seem to have them on the floor, which is good)
-The confusion set by the poor communication
-Lack of new IPs

I still enjoyed them the most this year and I like that they announced a lot of exclusives, especially for the 3DS.

VampiricDragon2693d ago

The name sucks

The demos I can rationalize as being 1.5 years from seeing the light of day. SO likely they are saving everything in order to blow the roof off next e3

- The confusion was terrible. I must admit for 10 solid minites I wanted to kill myself because I thought the controller was the console. But then when everything was cleared up it rocked

-lack of new ips that sony and microsoft are dealing with (first party of course)

3ds,ds exclusives ruled. European wii and part US exclusives rock to

Ilikegames762693d ago

Don't forget that they're going to use a proprietary disc to hold the game data.

aia122693d ago

nintendo will NEVER have any new IPs

eagle212693d ago

I liked WiiU and their conference the most.

tweet752693d ago

no mention of metroid im disappointed.

tunaks12693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

-Horrible Name, It's going to creat brand confusion
-0 Wii software support (at least at the conference)
-No SS trailer shown at conference
-No news on Xeno, Pandora, and TLS
-WiiU reveal probably handled in the worst way, is it a peripheral? Console? Ipad?
-Zelda 25th Anniversary was better then the rest of the conference
-No Real games shown for WiiU(pirate mini game doesn't count)
-Lack of direction, Motion Gaming! Wm+ improved zelda, now heres a tech demo where you control everything like you did pre-Wii
-Announcing a Lego game?!?!?!
-Where the hell is Pickmin 3??? Is this going to be the next Nuke Dukem Forever?

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