New Final Fantasy XIII-2 details revealed

Several details about Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been revealed.

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Ddouble2780d ago

Those are some serious improvements and i'm glad they listened.

Clover2780d ago

this game looks to be very good, not as good as versus, but i still enjoyed ff13, these improvements will make the game far better, and i luv lightning and serah so glad to see them back!

Xof2780d ago

I don't think anyone was asking them to leave the combat system alone, or to add QTEs.

Sprudling2780d ago

Why would they mess with that genious battle system?

Ddouble2780d ago

I thought the battle system was the best part of the game especially when you maxed out the crystanium. They said they refined it now so it's probably even better.
I know people go on about auto-battle but i stopped using it because it was far from the best option in a lot of cases and who knows theree might be an option or a hard mode where it's been switched off.

gaffyh2780d ago

What about Towns, airships, ability to talk to random people to get sidequests? Has that been confirmed anywhere?

Troll-without-Bridge2780d ago

dude havent you seen the walkthroughs? Towns and NPc's are, side-quests as well as choices and monster capture.

gaffyh2780d ago

I haven't seen anything except the cg trailer, didn't know there was any walkthroughs up, you got a link?

darthdevidem012780d ago

Towns, NPC's etc is there

Gamespot confirmed you talk to NPC's n get a choice of what to say, you can get secret side quests by doing that.

Airships not confirmed but haven't been in FF since FF9 so wouldn't expect them.

darthdevidem012780d ago

not controllable airships on a world map.

Troll-without-Bridge2780d ago

Gamespot confirmed multiple endings, heavy focus on exploration, NPC quests, mini-games, and lots of other stuff.

WhiteLightning2780d ago

Why are people believing Squares bullshit...they're over exagerating the "imporvments2 they have done to asure fans that the game will be different to FF13 but the thing is why would they spend time improving a game which is just a quick cash in for them. The only thing they will spend there time on is asuring fans (lying to them) that it will better so people are more likely to buy it.

I bet when it comes out people will feel they've been fucked over by Square...again.