GT: Nintendo E3 2011 - Reggie Video Interview Part I (1/3)

Reggie gets hit with the hard questions about Wii U's online experiences and more with Geoff Keighley and our E3 2011 All Access Live coverage.

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NeoBasch2785d ago

I thank Geoff personally for grilling Reggie over this. The conference answered next to nothing and was full of empty promises that sound strangely familiar (ala Wii). Between all the ports (which will be six months old by the time they release) and the complete lack of announcements for the Wii (Xenoblade and The Last Story). This conference lacked the details we, the gamers, were looking for.

TheBlackSmoke2785d ago

Yeah, really liking geoff's approach to this. I think we all as gamers have wised up after the promises nintendo made about the wii. He deserves to get put on the spot like this.

The thing that makes no sense though is that he says that 3rd party devs have no excuse not to make multiplats for wii u, but what happens a year later when ps4/720 arrive? wont nintendo just be back in the same position as with the wii ?

NellyNel_7_1_32785d ago

Lol! Reggie was sweating during the interview...

Lekumkee2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Reggie is so full of sh*t. The online was a given? No... Nintendo, it's a given if you're Sony/Microsoft who has a online infrastructure already in place.

Can anyone honestly sit there and tell me they have confidence that Nintendo has built a competent online infrastructure and they didn't bring it up during the press conference is cause "it's a given"?!

jacksonmichael2785d ago

Comment after watching all the videos. Makes you look more wise. He said they're revealing such details later in the week.

SpLinT2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

good interview. i liked the questions and respected the answers. "it was a given" was the only answer that was odd. I guess they didnt want to waste their time playing the catch-up game at E3.

I personally think that Wii u is not Nintendo's next gen console. that next gen console will be called something completely different in a few years. this is just a catch-up console to get the 3rd party. They couldnt call it something new until the next gen.

jacksonmichael2785d ago

... No real specs have been given, and the only footage that really gives any indication of the console's power is the Zelda demo... Even then, they said that it isn't a finalized version... Third party footage was shown from the 360, not the actual console... How can we comment on it's power after taking that into account?