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TitanReviews writes: Get a closer look and some immediate impressions on what this special edition has to offer. Was it worth $100?

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Drake_Seraphim2687d ago

Just got mine today. Well worth it! In fact I'd go as far to say that this is the best collector's edition to date.

sorceror1712687d ago

Mine was waiting when I got home. The backpack is actually pretty well-made, and while statuettes aren't my thing, it's better than I thought. Listening to the soundtrack right now; very jazzy. :)

bestofthebest2687d ago

Got my hero edition yesterday and it's really a great package. I was impressed at the quality of the statue and the bag they are not cheap looking at all definitely one of my favorite collector editions. Plus you get all the pre-order DLC from all store,some exclusive skins, and free soundtrack for a great price. The base on the statue could have been better made but other than that everything is well worth it.