Every E3 Press Conference Recapped, Rated

The annual E3 Press Conference is easily the biggest gaming news event of the year, but not everyone is able to follow the video streams and news coverage live and attempting to catch up afterwards can be overwhelming. Fortunately, PlayStation LifeStyle is here to compile and list the news for the folks at home, which we’ll update as the show continues.

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ftwrthtx2694d ago

Nice list. Definitely makes for a great resource for everything announced.

Masta_fro2693d ago

Nintendo was so gay.

Im not trolling i swear i was really looking foward to this.

But wtf Nintendo give us specs gondamit!!

And if it still doesnt play dvd or blu-rays, im not buying.

ftwrthtx2693d ago

Blu-ray for the Wii U would be a system seller in itself

majiebeast2694d ago

A- Nintendo really we watch the same conference cause nintendo showed off some n64 games sorry mean 3ds games and confusing unveil of wii u and wasted my time with zelda.

VampiricDragon2694d ago

stop trolling dude its getting old.

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Stopped taking you seriously when you said the 3DS games looked like n64 titles.

Nintendo revealed the most games, and that's what interested me most.

The Wii U looks good, but the unveiling was awfully communicated. Zelda is awesome.

I've been watching the controller, and most people actually like it and even say it is comfortable, which was surprising.

Problem with Nintendo was the lack of gameplay demoes, which I assume is because they aren't ready to show off the Wii u, which is made more obvious by their inability to properly debut the Wii U, and the awful Wii U name, etc.

MaxXAttaxX2694d ago

He meant that 3DS games are ports/remakes of N64 games.
Not that they looked just like N64 games.

homer2694d ago

The only N64 port they showed was Star Fox 64, which included awesome new online MP features. They mentioned OoT, but still, they showed off a new Luigis Mansion, a new MarioKart, a new Kid Icarus, and a new Mario game.

a_bro2694d ago

i dont know man, it was nice seeing Link in HD finally.

n4gisatroll2694d ago

On that list, Nintendo has 5 out of 9, dealing with Zelda. That's the past, they need to stop with their childish games and really try to take over. I'm seriously disappointed that since the Gamecube, they wont try to get into the hardcore realm again. I'm sick of Zelda, there's just to much talk about it and it needs to stop. I would say the same about Mario but I'm sure lots of people will take my head for that, even though I'm sick of Mario as well.

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VampiricDragon2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


The wii u failed to beat ps3? Thats the footage they showed right?


The actual ground up demos were like pc quality

we can all agree microsofts conference stunk huh?

Suckage brings people together

Parapraxis2694d ago

The WiiU games demoed were all clips from PC/PS3/360 versions.

The tech demo for Zelda looked great, but it was just that, a tech demo. (KZ2 2006 rings a bell, though Guerilla actually came close to matching that)

LoaMcLoa2694d ago

Was kinda surprised seeing Nintendos conference being the highest rated one on a Playstation website ^^ But I sure do feel the same

All conferences were good this year, except for Microsofts which sucked balls

PlayerX2694d ago

Microsoft: C+
Ubisoft: B+
Sony: B
Nintendo: A-

This sounds about right.

djsandman2694d ago

I would have given Microsoft better if they left out the on-rails games, didnt have the children announcements and stuck to their good announcements.. The Bing integration looked top notch, as did the Live tv.. They made themselves look handi-capped by ruining Fable though lol.

bartender642693d ago

Really and what about the on-rail games showcased for move at sony conference?. I'm surprised that no one had pointed that.

djsandman2693d ago

I didn't watch all of Sony's performance.. I think they're going in the complete wrong direction with Kinect though. It shouldn't be made with conventional games, the way games are made today, you need a controller of some type. I personally prefer my Xbox, and I wished that Microsoft had included a sony like device for the best of both worlds. I think they could have marketed and created software much more efficiently. I don't think Sony will ever be able to do move justice like Microsoft would have been able to do.

n4gisatroll2694d ago

I would switch Nintendo's A- with a B and give Sony a B+.

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