Oh Nintendo, You Had me Going writes: "As I sat in excitement to catch a glimpse of the new project cafe, you unveiled…..The Nintendo Wii U? Then you show us a video of the Wii U controller in action, with games involving Mii characters in more minigames that use the controller as a gimmick. Oh no, more casual games for casual gamers I thought to myself. My hopes……fading."

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-Alpha2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The controller is strange. Looks uncomfortable but from what I'm hearing it's actually "fine"

I like that Nintendo does something different-- there is no way that there would be room for 3 consoles all doing the same thing.

So I applaud them for doing what they are doing-- they are the alternate, cheaper version to the "Big brothers" and while I wouldn't have it as my main product, Nintendo exclusives aren't bad. As for being casual, they emphasized the core audience-- at least they are using a controller!

I really don't understand the point of streaming to the controller when I can't leave the room. Split-screen becomes possible without screen watching, but Sony has that cool 3D TV with split-screen as well, and the Vita which seem to do the same thing.

I'm not actually disappointed, just damn confused. The explanation was poor, and I think Nintendo had too little done to reveal anything else. So there honestly isn't telling where this can go. Lucky for them they have a great first party, but personally what I liked most was their revealing of 3DS games. They have a great lineup, the same one that made the DS so damn strong and that's all I wanted to see out of the 3DS

In fact, Nintendo announced the most new games this E3 than anyone else.

Muletroid2691d ago

i thought the controller was too big but i saw a kotaku video of someone using it and its only slightly bigger than a NGP (yes im still calling it NGP)

Tuxedo_Mask2691d ago

You may be calling it NGP now, but admit it, when it comes out you'll be livin' la Vita loca!

It was stated that the WiiU controller was not intended to be used as a portable gaming device, although the controller's range hasn't been revealed. The idea of playing games on your controller while the TV is in use isn't really new either, as even though it only applied to the PSOne games you could also do that on the PS3 with the PSP. I did like the prospect of using the screen for maps/rifle scope/etc.

iamnsuperman2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

"So I applaud them for doing what they are doing. As for the damn controller, I really don't understand the point of streaming to the controller when I can't leave the room." That seems to be a major design flaw. So I have to play in the same room?? Was it difficult to do it over wireless????? Nice it streams but kind of silly not to be able to play over Wireless (or could the range be huge?)

-Alpha2691d ago

Actually, I've been reading, and it makes sense-- it's not supposed to be 3DS, it's supposed to be a controller, plain and simple.

With a screen, there is a great amount of possibility for approaching gameplay differently.

I am liking the sound of it

kesvalk2691d ago

the range will be the same as the wiimote range, and i could play my wii from the bathroom...

unless you live in a mansion, i don't see the problem here...

VampiricDragon2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

the controller is light and very comfortable and everyone whose played with it and tried out the demos are very very largely impressed. Ive yet to read anything negative. Ign, destructoid, 1up, gamespot, and all the small sites are very positive towards it.

the only people insulting this are fanboys who havent even tried it........and disagree with everyone saying how great it is

Not surpised. People who have actually tried the controller and system, love it. Its easy to judge everything on how it looks and how successful it will be, but thats never what truly is.

eagle212691d ago

ars technica said they were "already sold"...very positive feedback so far. :)

kikizoo2691d ago

Always a freepass for the nintty.

"In fact, Nintendo announced the most new games this E3 than anyone else"

and the fact is, nintendo always has way less games for home console since n64, gamecube, wii...(and inferior % of good games : see metacritic) than the competition, and always 3 to 5 years to catch the graphic level of the competition.

-Alpha2691d ago


Oh brother. Sometimes I hear the media is biased towards Japan, sometimes Nintendo, sometimes Sony-- they've tried it, you haven't.

I am beginning to like the news more and more.

Fact is that Nintendo announced the most new games at E3. Bringing in anything else is pointless since this is a discussion strictly on E3 2011.

Mac is OK2691d ago

I was so confused when I saw both sticks placed above the face buttons and d-pad. But so far no one seems to have complained so I guess it's not awkward.

Xander-RKoS2691d ago

The ability to take the game from your TV to the controller itself is just one of the functions it has. There are many other features that can be used in the game. The controller can also be used to shift perspective, be like the bottom of the 3DS screen, as to clear up the main screen, and as the 3rd part developers were saying, it can be used to fit any kind of game.

Also Nintendo never said that you couldn't leave the living room, at least in their press conference. They said that it isn't a portable gaming device and needs the console to send it information. My Wii can detect my Wii remote from a good distance away from the console, so I don't think that should be a problem.

Honestly, the only people who seem to complain about the new anything (mainly Nintendo stuff I notice, sigh), are the ones who want to harp on one little detail, and sometimes don't even fully understand it, while ignoring the other facts about it.

Also, did the writer see the rest of the conference. New smash bros. announced, Darksiders II, Tekken, and just a lot of core 3rd party titles. We'll probably see more 1st party stuff next year.

Ali4202691d ago

Did you read the whole article? Because the writer says pretty much exactly what you said.

Fallouts2691d ago

The only thing I don't like is the damn name!

Good goodness! They could have just called the thing wii2 or just nintendo. Who the he'll do they pay to come up with these stupid names? Better yet who is the idiot that approves it!

Shackdaddy8362691d ago

"we you". Lol. It's totally random. They might as well have just called it "us".

Fallouts2691d ago


Wtf is wiiu!

Someone is def. smoking that wiiiuuuu!

Ali4202691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

What you guys don't know about the Wii U? Kung Pow guys! watch the vid

mamotte2691d ago

I agree! That name sucks. As for the console, it's pretty easy to calculate. We+you = Us.

So, the next console will be called Wii US. And then, the name will be changed to something weird because it cant be the "Nintendo United States" :P