E3 2011: White Knight Chronicles II Doesn't Suck Anymore

You know what's really hard to do here at E3 2011? Trying to see enough of a massive JRPG to write a full preview on it. When you're literally running from demo to demo, phrases like "deep item crafting system" and "60+ hour campaign" are warning signs. But still, I love a good RPG and made a point to check out White Knight Chronicles II.

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TheHater2693d ago

When did it suck to begin with?

Kamikaze1352693d ago

I guess you didn't see reviews for the first game.

TheHater2693d ago

why exactly should i care about reviews?

Hellsvacancy2693d ago

Because most morons on my little planet need reviews to base there opinion if they should buy summin or not

Me, i dint really like WKC, i wanted to, i got pretty far into the game then lost interest, but thats not to say i wouldnt buy the second game, ive been hearin good things about it

It was the combat system i didnt like, if they fix that, cool

Max_Dissatisfaction2693d ago

because they let you know if the game sucks on not...try keep up Thehater

rabidpancakeburglar2693d ago

Yeah but the title says WKCII doesn't suck anymore, the first game isn't relevant to the title. I think that is what he's talking about.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Hey Max...did you play the game..?



So take a backseat.

Reviews don't make the decisions for you. Playing the game for yourself determines whether the game was good or bad. You're not a gamer if you allow reviewers to hold your hand.

konigxs2693d ago

@Kamikaze135 and Max_Dissatisfaction:

You guys are what I like to call "slaves to society"

Kamikaze1352693d ago


So because I bought it at full retail price and was greatly disappointed I'm a slave to society? Why? Because I don't blind myself enough to enjoy every crappy JRPG that comes out?



Most people also know them as TOOLS.

It's fuuny the 360 smart guys try to take cheap shots on WKC for it's scores (64 metascore) but they don't buy stuff based on that...

Or did Max passed on Ninety Nine Nights (61 metascore) but got Hasbro Family Game Night: Tahtzee (metascore 78).

He thinks games like Quantum of Solace (65), The Godfather II (65) and SW The Force Unleashed II (61) are all worse games than Uno (81).

radphil2693d ago


Let me ask you this. If you hate the game so much, WHY are you here?

MaxXAttaxX2693d ago

Reviews can be helpful, but you shouldn't just listen to reviews alone.

They said GTA4 was a 10/10 and I was disappointed.

Kamikaze1352693d ago


I don't hate the game; I beat it around 4 times and got to rank 18 online. I tried to make the best of it. I was VERY disappointed and this article is about the second game, which I have some hope for.

radphil2693d ago


It's hard to convey that over the net since no tone is involved.

As far as WKCII it'll have WKCI with the improved system.

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MinusTheBear2693d ago

The combat was broken and the story sucked but the online co-op was amazing.

Kamikaze1352693d ago

I never said you should. However, if you're going to ask a general question, the answer should be what people "generally" thought about he game, which are what reviews are for. Though even on a personal level, I thought it was a huge letdown.

showtimefolks2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

WK1 on the same disk with improved graphics and improved gameplay for free


Are you sure on that? Cause if yes, I'm going to pre-order now!

WildArmed2693d ago

WKC was fantastic.
One of the most robust online experiences I've had on PS3.
Looking forward to the 2nd, with or without IGN's stupid reviews.

Spenok2693d ago

I totally agree, when did it suck to begin with. I had a shit ton of fun with this game.

TBM2693d ago

i liked the first one so ill definitely be picking up the 2nd game. i determine want games i want to buy and like not reviewers or other peoples opinions.

FamilyGuy2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Even though he bad mouths part 1 at least this author seeeeems to be interested in part 2. I'm buying the game day 1 because I already know everything I need to know about it but I'd love to see a big name site like IGN give out and unbiased, in-depth review. I don't mind critics bashing games as long as they can back up their statements. This guy claims to enjoy rpgs and says he's enthusiastic to try out the next 1 so hopefully he does write a decent review.

I'd love to see new players in the game and sheeple or not good reviews bring them.

btw, they have some decent new screenshots up too linked to the left of the main article showing Elite Troll King, Nertherwyrm, Dire Firespider, Fenrir, and a bunch of customized knights.

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Xof2693d ago

I liked it fine. Only thing that irritated me was CHARGING people to re-do character designs. That was... profoundly douchey.

Ended up selling mine about a month after buying it, simply because of the news that WK2 would include a WK1 with better gameplay. A good move to make people buy WK2, but I can't imagine it did much to help WK1 sales.

WildArmed2693d ago

Heh. I gotta say this gen of gamers are into instant gratification.

If it doesn't feel awesome right off the bat, the game must suck >.>
No wonder games like MW2 sell like hot cakes.
A 4 hours campaigns with nothing but over the top moments...

Tdmd2693d ago

I love the first one. Imo it was surely on of the best and more addictive rpgs of this generation (J or Western)! Thanks to reviewers I've waited 'till it got on bargain bin to get it (I know, shame on me...) but not anymore. Part to (better looking, enhanced upon player feedback and with an free upgraded part one in the deal) will be a day one purchase!

iWishTifaWasReal2693d ago



DOnt tell me he was the one who did the review for the first game? o.O

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