Dust 514 will be a downloadable title

STN - CCP Games have revealed that Dust 514 will be distributed via digital means only, meaning the game will not be getting a retail release.

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majiebeast2742d ago

Surprises me i think sony really really held back this e3. Cause they wanted to focus on vita and maybe check out what nintendo had to offer(not much) What happend to Adrift sony?

rob60212742d ago

they really held back last year, remember KZ3, Motorstorm 3, and infamous 2 all being preshown before E3. It's just not a good strategy to have your game announced amongst the flurry of other gaming news - on top of that it takes a lot of time out of development to have something 'ready' for E3. Their other stuff will be announced later maybe at PAX, maybe at TGS, they seem to balance it throughout the year.

sikbeta2742d ago

What happened with the loads of rumors about new IPs coming to E3, or some love for the ones announced already like Twisted Metal and Sorcery, they needed more for PS3, lets wait for the next conference, maybe they deliver some great stuff at GamesCom...


Didn't Tretton announced that in the conference?

theunleashed642742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

gamescom and tgs are the next big events so there is a chance Adrift can be revealed at gamescom. it's not wise to put all of your eggs in one basket, and anyway the game is probably in deep development where they didn't have time to put something together.

rob60212742d ago

Yea that is a fair assumption, Gamescom is in Europe, and Adrift is being made by a French developer. Quantic Dream is also a french developer. We might see Last guardian at TGS.

whothedog2742d ago

hm weird. I do wish this was a multi-platform or on the PC at least. A downloadable title suggest to me that this will not be a game that will try and take advantage of developing specifically for one system, such as blu-ray. Timed Exlcusive???? We all know it was once planned for all three.

Just throwing it out there.

Pintheshadows2742d ago

On the ps blog one of the developers made it pretty clear that this was PS3 exclusive due to its link with EVE and EVEgate, the social network. I honestly cannot wait.

Ju2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

BTW: How does that play? Do you have to build your "stash" in EVE online to be "competitive" in Dust? Or can you just get Dust and run off gunning?

Pintheshadows2742d ago

You just jump in from scratch and get recruited by one of the corporations. You'll have a ready room where you can access evegate, read emails and set up your fit. Intially your fit (equipment) will be stock and provided by your corporation. As you do well you earn ISK which you can use in the store. Your fit includes weapons, vehicle's, dropship, armor. EVE has an actual economy so expect depth.

badjournalism2742d ago

if this is fully integrated with the MMO, can we troll the MMO people by blowing their shit up?

HeavenlySnipes2742d ago


tdrules2742d ago

the mmo guys will just troll you into doing stupid things for XP

majiebeast2742d ago

We can actually get hired by them,

rob60212742d ago

That is pretty cool, I've always seen the future of gaming as a massive web of interconnected MMO and more casual games, all tied to one another.

Max_Dissatisfaction2742d ago

Sometimes I hate that we are an online generation. . .and then I pop in Braid or Limbo and I shudder to think what uncultured cave-dwellers we'd be without online games.
There's no reason this game cannot still be brilliant, Limbo, Trials HD, Fat Princess and Shadow Complex prove this

theonlylolking2742d ago

limbo and shadow complex suck. Fat princess is also online game but you can play offline with bots.

Pintheshadows2742d ago

Limbo doesn't suck. And before you say "but it's my opinion", your opinion is flawed.

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