E3 2011: Mario Party 9 Trailer Another assortment of party games is coming soon for Wii in the form of Mario Party 9. The game has a whole batch of new minigames and the classic Mario Party gameplay we’ve known for years. Will Nintendo introduce new mechanics for this one? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Shackdaddy8362692d ago

If you bring booze and women it's free :)

MRHARDON2692d ago

Been a long time since I heard of Mario Party...

Cheeseknight282692d ago

My thoughts exactly. Hudson is out of business too so I wonder if this is being made in-house?

SpLinT2692d ago

looked like fun. maybe ill pick it up once the Nintendo U comes out and its lower price

PlayerX2692d ago

Lol this came from out of nowhere.

Duraji2692d ago

I think they should get rid of the numbering system and give them years or subtitles or something like that. And they probably should have saved this for the Wii U, but anything helps the declining Wii release library, I suppose.

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