Nintendo eShop Updated with Game Videos from E3

Great Gaming Crusade: "Nintendo has added game videos to download from the 3DS eShop.

Nintendo already seems to be getting more involved with their online strategy for 3DS than they did with DSi. Here is the list of game videos they now have from E3 on the eShop."

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abc12332694d ago

Is there any way to save the videos to SD? Pretty annoying to have to go through the store every time

wampdog292694d ago

Yeah. You can download them

abc12332694d ago

I was referring to the 3D trailers. It seems you can only stream it and as far as I know you can't download it from the pc onto SD

wampdog292694d ago

I don't really know what you mean. The 3D trailers are on the eShop and can be downloaded to you SD card and then viewed in 3D.

Venox20082693d ago

why Europe didn't get those new trailers? Whyyyy!?!