Secret Halo 3 vehicle revealed

Everyone loves the replay feature in Halo 3. Everyone, except probably Bungie. Especially in cases like this video. This "new vehicle" can be found on the level with the first boss battle with the Scarab. Get two people into the dumpster, tip it over, then both players need to jump at the same time and watch as the dumpster becomes airborne. You can even steer the dumpster!

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ShiftyLookingCow4868d ago

lmfao that was fing hilarious

Evildoomnerd4868d ago

Jackass:Halo Edition...Coming to a 360 near you! $5 says Johnny Knoxville was in that Spartan suit ^_^

WilliamRLBaker4868d ago

in that game it as an often practice you could create an armored vehicle using a dumpster and puting it on any car.

iceman29294868d ago

i actually already did that but didnt think about uploading it at the time! (this was a complete fluke, i was trying to hide from some ghosts that were firing at me and i was pretty impatient so i started spining around in circles and jumping up and down, and i notcied that it was moving funny, so i said to david ( my friend who was with me) to do the same and then it started to go up and i was all "coooooooool")

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The story is too old to be commented.