FTG @ E3 2011: Wii U – A Successful Return to the Hardcore or Just a Wii 2?

It’s no secret that Nintendo is trying to capture back their old, hardcore audience with the Wii U. The Wii, whilst attracting a lot of non-gamers into the gaming world, failed to keep the hardcore audience interested throughout its lifespan. With the Wii U, Nintendo is looking to break the barrier between casual and hardcore gamers, delivering a home console experience everyone can enjoy. Does its E3 reveal spark the interest of the hardcore, or will this be just a Wii 2?

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Otheros002693d ago

It's the Wii of next generation. So, that makes it the Wii2.

MaxXAttaxX2693d ago

Well "hardcore" it's not.
So it's the next Wii.