Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Jump inside to just how much the Anniversary Edition of Halo: Combat Evolved (announced yesterday) will improve over the original game."

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RudeSole Devil2692d ago

Can't wait for this. Looks good.

starchild2692d ago

Yeah, it looks good. This is how I like to see re-released games done. Actually redo the assets, don't just up the resolution.

Max_Dissatisfaction2692d ago

This is why remake > remaster cash grab

guigsy2692d ago

Exactly, new graphics, modes etc. is the way to go.

Joe Bomb2692d ago

When I saw the trailer I peed a little!

joydestroy2692d ago

hahaha thanks for making me laugh =)

iunno about all that, but i'm really excited about it!

Morgue2692d ago

@ Joe Bomb.

Thats awesome because reading that almost made me barf.

NukaCola2692d ago

This is cooler than Halo 4. Combat Evolved was the best in the series.

SuperBeast8112692d ago

is it just me? but i like the way he looked b4

Downtown boogey2692d ago

Yeah... For some completely unknown reason they seem to have altered the shape and texture of the helmet and visor.

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The story is too old to be commented.