IGN: Could PS3 + PS Vita = Wii U?

Upon first glance Nintendo seems to have once again revealed an entirely new and unique way to experience videogames. The Wii U controller, with its iPad-with-buttons design and its ability to work as a companion screen to your HDTV is undoubtedly cool, at least based off the conceptual demos and trailers Nintendo teased in its press conference and on the E3 show floor.

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Warprincess1164308d ago

Yep, the vita has everything the wiiU controller has. So it possible.

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NukaCola4308d ago

PS3 + PSV could > Wii U. But the idea that WiiU is 100% focused on the controller. It's the heart. I am curious to see how Vita works w/ PS3 and how WiiU turns out

BrianG4308d ago

Same here, I'm actually shocked that solid specs weren't released on the CPU/GPU side of things for the Wii U at the conference.

Not to mention the game lineup graphics so far on par with Xbox and PS3 at the moment.

I really hope they know what they are doing with that controller, like you said it seemed to be the focus. But at glance (I missed the conference) it isn't looking that impressive.

If anyone has any good info hit me up in a PM. It would be much appreciated.

Cartesian3D4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

I said the same exact thing

(beside all those features like back touch panel or etc) the BIG difference is PSVITA has back camera and it will make a huge difference in AR accuracy ..

BTW PSvita is an actual console with same graphic level of HD consoles.. so you can actually go out with PSVITA and play the exact game on the go, but you cant do that with Wii U controller

Cartesian3D4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

double post... sorry

Ju4308d ago

Cartesian, you were not the only one with that thought. And there were quite some more, it seems, considering one even wrote an article about it.

Ilikegames764308d ago

I'm worried about the battery life of PS Vita. With all the power, I hope it can at least last more than 1.5 to 2 hours.

moparful994308d ago

Ok the reason the wii sold like crack is becuase it was cheap.. Having a screen integrated into the controller is going to drive cost up.. Not only will the console cost more but additional controllers are going to be costly... The vita on the otherhand is a standalone console that can do its own thing as well as integrate with a ps3 wich millions already own.. Sounds like nintendo is behind the ball on this one...

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jack_burt0n4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

The vita can do alot more than the wiiu.

they already said you can use the vita as a controller on the ps3 but, WHY!? lol they didn't see much purpose like how many people used the psp to remote play.

its also a resistive screen, not hi rez or multitouch makes a crap tablet.

SO basically you could stick a sticker on ps3 titles saying veeta support and bam you got wiiu full competitor come on more disagrees :)

didn't you watch the reggie interview!! it uses a bluetooth tech for the streaming u think the vita can't take a stream from the ps3!? it could then add 4 cores of processors to the 8 threads in the ps3.

KeiserSosay47884308d ago

I have to disagree there. Technically since it is streaming the data from the console you are getting graphics from the hardware in the console, unlike the vita which has its own hardware.

Ju4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Or what's more, it would allow studios to support both, WiiU and PS3/Vita.

BTW: Remote play streams the video from the PS3. It does not render on the device. It would actually be smarter to offload that in case for the Vita - it is fast enough to render PS3 games in 960x540 (or close to that).

sikbeta4308d ago

God Damn, that's exactly what I was thinking, much more when remember the guys @ Sony showed *Ruin* that's integration form the get-go, it can do it with the benefit of being 2 gaming devices with their own games, while the other being the controller for the new N console...

Ju4308d ago

...with the big difference, you can actually take the game with you.

5119ent4308d ago

witht hat less impressed with wii u

Graey4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Just call it PSL. Playstation Life. Isn't that what Kaz called it anyway. Vita=Life.


Mr Tretton4308d ago

Or PSV, which I can safely bet everyone will be calling it in a month. (and from then on)

jxzcvk4308d ago

or ps no life cos i wont have a life playing that thing all day!

eagle214308d ago

Anyway, remote play with psp never works perfectly..all slow and laggy. .Every WiiU demo i've seen does it effortlessly. N4g pu-leeze. Maybe ps4.

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Shok4308d ago

I knew this would pop up. Thing is though:

If the Wii U supposedly sucks, why would people brag about Vita being able to do the same thing? Kinda hypocritical.

The PS3 with Move can do anything the Wii can do right? Yet at the same time, it's not. I think we can all agree that the we haven't gotten the same Wii games (like Red Steel 2) with Move.

Sony has the same capabilities but they simply don't do it. Just listing some observations.

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xtreampro_REVENGE!4308d ago

The PSV CAN do the same things the WiiU controller does but that's not it's primary purpose. We're just saying that it can do all those things and more as passing comment.

But the PSV is a portable gaming machine not a plastic shell filled with gimmicks.

Just_The_Truth4308d ago

because people expected more than a controller the vita is it's own system and also has two analog sticks as well as 3g meaning you can access you ps3 anywhere in the world using 3g/wifi. Unlike the U which you have to be home to use and you also to buy and whole new system to do so. Some people have just bought the wii and now the need to get another not cool. Sony does need to back their products more though poor six axis and remote play.

kikizoo4308d ago

"The PS3 with Move can do anything the Wii can do right? Yet at the same time, it's not. I think we can all agree that the we haven't gotten the same Wii games (like Red Steel 2) with Move. "

?? you don't have that bad game, but killzone, mag, re5, etc , what the point of your statement ?

+ move can do anything the wii can do, and more, and better (more accurate) + things kinect can do...

Shok4308d ago

Those are just games that SUPPORT the Move, they're not built ground-up for them. That's the advantage the Wii has over the Move. For instance, Conduit's controls customization is far superior to Killzone 3's.

Yes, like I said, the Move can do everything the Wii can AND MORE but Sony's not doing those things.

stragomccloud4304d ago

With Wii every game supports the Wii remote+nunchuck combo.... so it's not really a valid argument. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360, and a really beefy gaming PC, but I chose black ops on the Wii because of how darn accurate the thing is.

stragomccloud4304d ago

I love how people like to disagree with simple observations. I think because just disagree with whatever they don't want to hear.

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MoDyDo4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

No I don't think it's the same, I mean this isn't a console it's a controller, though you can play on it but it doesn't have it's own exclusive games, it plays Wii U and Wii games, so it's a controller

Heartnet4308d ago

True dat But in complete theory the Vita could act as a contoller with a screen also :)

Like if they took Remote Play to a whole new level :O

MoDyDo4308d ago

what I'm saying is it's kinda hard to compare Vita with a controller, though they have some similarities, dude I'm all for Vita and you're right if a lot of games supports Remote Play it will act as the Wii U's controller

Emilio_Estevez4308d ago

I approve of this article. I was thinking exactly that while Nintendo was doing their conference.

beast242tru4308d ago

yes its better than the wii u actually