Nintendo leaves more questions than answers for Wii U

XMNR: Nintendo took the cover off its next console and we have to admit that the possibilites opened up by the new controller has us more than a little interested. However, Nintendo has given us more questions than answers in its Wii U reveal.

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RegalPrince2781d ago

Yea, like specs and how much that tablet controller will cost and where is the online interface.

fatstarr2781d ago

I think its betterr this way

the 3DS approach
save it for next e3

"never put all your forks on the table for a homeless feeding
you never know how much you will have in the end of the day"

just my bad analogy but smart from nintendo that obviously has things up their sleeves.

badkolo2781d ago

they are genius in doing so
look at everyone, everyone wants to know more, more more
they did it perfect
they teased us all , and now we wait for more, just like the word Wii was luaghed at the first time and look how that worked out for them, the name, the controller, the unanswered questions is all perfect.

NINTENDO has everyone by the cahones

badkolo2781d ago

they also said this is a prototype, so theres going to be more news down the line and this gives them a chance to listen to feedback and make adjustments.