Kotaku: Hands on Zelda HD Tech Demo

A video showcasing the power of the WiiU

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sickbird2779d ago

is the controller always wired? or is it just for the show floor?

t2taylor2779d ago

Well if you mean from the system, yes, from the presentation anyway.

Muletroid2779d ago

well they gotta keep em on for hours non stop at E3 so they wire them to the consoles

Eamon2779d ago

I think they're more concerned with people stealing them lol

Muletroid2779d ago

that too knowing people i wouldn't doubt someone at E3 trying to pocket something they aren't supposed to

christheredhead2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

it looks great. im glad nintendo is finally getting up to speed. i really like that the controller can add extra functionality for games such as menus and what not instead of pausing and viewing items, maps, weapons, etc...i expect it to be a lot smoother viewing those features straight from the controller without having to break the immersion or flow of the game. i could definitely see some cool integration being worked into the controller and game as time goes on. im excited to see the progression of the wii U and the potential that it has.

t2taylor2779d ago

i would love fps huds and maps down there and more of an open view of the game, so as to make it more realistic

GuruStarr782779d ago

Yeah, it makes your television kinda turn into a giant DS with all of your touchscreen controls in your hand and your tv working as the top screen would on your DS.... This will probably work out well, especially for all the first party stuff.... Nintendo usually knows what they're doing.

colonel1792779d ago

I like that you can go to the bathroom without interrupting your playing session LOL..

christheredhead2779d ago

hahahaha yah, thats probably the most defining feature for me.

N4g_null2779d ago

What is really cool is when they start using augmented reality in between the tv and the controller. You'll see.

Raider692779d ago

Its a tech demo but just look at does floor reflections,amazing!

fossilfern2779d ago

The machine seems to have more than enough power behind it. Cant wait for a Metroid game in HD, think I'll die happy that day

colonel1792779d ago

Metroid, Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero are some games that would benefit A LOT with a powerful console. I would take these games over Uncharted any day (if they looked as good as uncharted)

Samus HD2779d ago

My dream came true
now I can enjoy nintendo Games in HD

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The story is too old to be commented.