No DLC Content for Skate

Electronic Arts has become known for the amount of downloadable content they've tossed on Xbox Live, most infamously charging for what were essentially cheat codes in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. Thankfully, however, that won't be the approach for their Tony Hawk rival, Skate.

"We're not planning any new content for Skate 1 ... We didn't want to go back and ask people for more money to get more shoes and shirts," said EA Black Box Executive Producer Scott Blackwood in an Afterthoughts interview featured in latest issue of EGM. "That's not how we wanted to enter this market."

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Salvadore4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Already working on a sequel...hopefully they take their time to make sure the 2nd game becomes awesome.

BrotherSic4872d ago

'skate 1' is already awesome. All they need to do in 'skate 2' is add a feature to get off your board, add a few more tricks and tweak the gameplay slightly.

ShiftyLookingCow4872d ago

dont forget a good port for the PS3

rushbd4872d ago

Not as bad as everyone (mostly reviewers like Gamespot) makes it to be. Yes Xbox 360 version has some edge at framerates and draw distance, but it's not huge enough to write your mom about. I think EA is improving with PS3. We'll just have to give them more time.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4872d ago

the ability to get off your board would be a great addition, but i really want to see foot tricks add.

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felidae4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

... the 2nd installment has a good framerate on PS3 because i bought a 360 for Skate.

Multiplatform games are better on the 360 (yeah, i know i changed my mind and i really would like to say the opposite, but multi-games on PS3 suck major a$$). i tested 11 games on both consoles, including Virtua Fighter, F.E.A.R., PES2008, Fifa 08, Tiger W. 08, Skate, Jericho, Call of Duty 3, NFS Carbon, NHL 08 and Blazing Angels.

All these games run smoother and look better on the 360, no doubt about it. Stranglehold demo fps on the PS3 goes down to 15fps if you fire your guns at some crates and stuff - 360 version runs stable - wtf sony?

so after some playtesting MY conclusions are:

Best Shooter On/Offline = Halo 3

Best Jump'n' Run = Ratchet Clank FTOD

Best Racing game = Motorstorm / PGR4

Best Role Playing Game/Adventure = Folklore / Eternal Sonata

Best Multiplayer Fun game = Warhawk / Halo 3 / Resistance FOM

i think every system has good games but Multiplat games are better on the 360, that's sad but true.

PS3/360 FTW!

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4872d ago

i've had skate on ps3 since day one. i've never had frame rate problems, and if i did it was noticeable. i've played the game on 360 at a friends, skate seems to be exactly the same on both. ok, the draw distance is not the same.

if you want to complain about a bad port play F.E.A.R. on ps3. EA did a great job porting skate.

Salvadore4872d ago

DarthNihilus, they should try to build the game from ground up instead of porting it from the 360 to the PS3.

felidae4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

sorry man, but Skate's framerate on PS3 is not acceptable. It's impossible to do some accurate tricks because sometimes the FR drops down to 10-15fps.

i had to stop some challenges just because the FR was that bad - maybe i'm a little fussy but after 15 years in Skateboarding you pay attention to every little detail and this issue really hinders the gameplay - not to mention the online lags on PS3.

i'm really happy with the 360 version because this one runs smooth and plays like it should be, on- and offline.

Bad PS3 Work EA, really bad!

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To all the people who play over HDMI .. you can switch some of the BD/DVD settings (upscaler = off, 24hz mode = off or automatic, PS2 upscaler + smoothing = off ... ) to make Skate run better on the PS3.

just try to change some of the Game and BD/DVD settings in XMB. worked for me and framerate was 99% stable when i played offline in Freeskate without traffic and security - too bad it doesn't work for the online lags :-(

BloodySinner4872d ago

Just watch EA squeeze the milk out of this.

crazy250004872d ago

exactly what i was thinking

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