Ridge Racer Unbounded Screens Are Beautiful

Ridge Racer Unbounded screens capture the moment perfectly.

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Resistance_lord2743d ago

Riiiiidge Raacer!!!! You remember ridge racer right? ;)

zeal0us2743d ago

d*mn you beat to the punch lol

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Even Jack Tretton made a joke about that to Kaz last night.

Mutley4162743d ago

Ridge racer always been a good...just don`t try and beat the Asians online...cause it will not happen :(

JellyJelly2743d ago

BugBear (who's doing this game) is an awesome studio. Flatout 3 was a very pretty game for its time and had some mad physics to boot.

El_Assenso2743d ago

Ridge Racer!! Love that game!!! Oh the nostalgia.....

Athlon2743d ago

I feel relieved. The initial screens released several months ago left a lot to be desired. It's lookin good now.