Why Did Nintendo Choose to Unveil the Wii U Like It Did?

Game Podunk Editor Marcus Estrada presents an analytical and opinion piece in response to Nintendo's press conference, "Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference is one of the most confusing I've watched in a while. Gamers everywhere knew that Nintendo had a new console in the wings, codenamed Project Cafe. Rumors began to swell that the new console would have a touch-screen controller, be called simply "Nintendo", and various other things. After today's conference, a few things have been clarified but many new questions have been raised."

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EYEamNUMBER12691d ago

yeah they should have just unveiled the controller and nothing more if they weren't ready to show their system

this just opens up the speculation for their next system even more

Agent Smith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Thing I didn't like them unveiling it was it seemed like Wiiu seemed to be referring to just the controller and not the hardware that connects to the tv. For a while, I thought the controller was just an accessory for the current Wii.

jwk942691d ago

Yeah, same here, I was playing infamous 2 and my friend reminded me it was on, so i turned on the live feed and i see the controller and they never said anything about the console, so during the whole conference i was so puzzled as for why they were just releasing a new controller and how that alone could house HD graphics.

LoaMcLoa2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Indeed, and I think even just the name will confuse people. The U simply makes it sound like an accessory.

Which is sad, because they really did impress me with all the hardware. I just want a name change for now. Nintendo Stream sounded perfect IMO.

SasanovaS19872691d ago

i think not showing the console has ultimately prevented the wii from not selling... they gave u a glimpse at the future but are not yet ready to stop their consumers from buying the wii and just wait for the wii 2

darthv722691d ago

if anything, the controller is the center piece to the system just like when Iwata unveiled the wii-mote. It is the centerpiece to the wii.

The core hardware itself being the console is pretty straight forward. Nintendo is going for the change of interaction with games. Not changing game performance based on raw specs.

If you really think about it, the console itself is just the box that holds the game. What you hold in your hands is what changes things.

It's how you control and what you do that separates one from the other. Every time I get a new cable box I am more interested in the remote because the box is just.....a box.

Tony P2691d ago

@darth: That's all nice and poetic, but we still have to pay for the box and the controller doesn't work without it.

So yeah, it's still important.

maniacmayhem2691d ago

Perhapse the WiiU is an add on for the Wii and the unannounced next system from Nintendo.

The more I look at it and the watch Nintendo's presentation of it the more im beginning to think that the WiiU is separate from the system.

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JsonHenry2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The reason they did it the way they did is basically because the Wii2 is not much (if at all) more powerful than the PS3/X360. That is why. All they did was play catch up, add a new controller, and promise us some sort of real online support without showing us any proof.

kingdoms2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The whole thing stunk of desperate reaching only trying to show off the controller to in the hopes of out wowing new consumers and their own fanbase from kinect. IMO

The Wii-u was all concept showing current hd console footage and tech demos. No one cares about that controller people want to see Nintendo do traditional gaming in the hd console space. The show went like that because the console is barely ready and they thought they could slow down xbox 360 adoption with a new controller that out innovates kinect, in their minds.

Imo all of e3 from all the big 3 was about strengthening the brand by advertising related brand products and not so much the things that built these empires

The tech makes no sense is it still motion? And is this thing too complicated and delicate for young and old users?

fossilfern2691d ago

Yeah I was waiting for them to show off the actual system but they didn't then I was thinking everything was inside the controller and was wondering how that would actually work. Think it was poorly executed IMO but still cant wait for the system

pcz2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

they had no wii games AT ALL. only the zelda game they have been working on for the past 7 years.

so of course they had to show the U, even if they had nothing to show on it.

you know, i have been in here whinging and whining for months about the sorry state of the wii, and people told me to shut up because at e3 nintendo would reveal all their hidden games... yeah right! TOLD YOU SO! I WAS RIGHT! they had nothing!

wii died last year but nintendo was just propping its corpse up in a chair to trick you lmao glad i wasnt fooled.

WII DEAD 2011 i told you.

sad thing is, i was actually excited to see what nintendo had to show, with wii especially. but no. pathetic mario party, a game NOBODY wants.

a recycled kirby game from a decade ago. it was canned back then because it was obviously not up to standard, but now the wii is on its last legs its cool? no!

no f zero

no starfox.

no official announcement regarding last story's release in the west

same with xeno

same with pandoras tower and any other game you care to name

those announcements would have been little consolation but they didnt even whisper about them.

i could go on and on. its tragic

ok, announce wii u, and show it in the most worst light possible. its meant to be the next gen console and what do they do? they show demos on it that look like they came straight off of wii sports from 2007. its UNBELIEVABLE how much of a missed opportunity that is. hardly selling its next gen/hd status.


VampiricDragon2691d ago

zelda, kirby , mario party for US

and xenoblade, last story for europe

and pandoras tower for japan is nothing?

I fele bad for you

trounbyfire2691d ago

wii isn't dead but its holding on by one finger. nintendo can't put out enough quality exclusive to keep going, imagine the 360 without third party games and you can see why nintendo releases the same franchise every year.

i have said it before 3ds is a failure, it should not have been called DS and wiiu should not be called wii. Core never saw a wii halo or UC so they don't follow the wiii, don't care about it

they largely never brought in or stopped playing

to your point they don't have much to show but neither didn't any other of the big three CRAP E3

maniacmayhem2691d ago

cant wait for you to eat all those words when the big n officially shows you the new console.

V0LT2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


SmashBrawler1012691d ago

Ummm, durrrr, MAYBE because people have been speculating and making rumors about it for weeks now?

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