Nintendo WiI U: Current list of games on par with Xbox 360, PS3 visuals

Product-Reviews writes: The initial list of confirmed titles for the Wii U is very impressive, we wonder how many of these will actually end up becoming launch titles. As for the graphics, they are looking very slick indeed and definitely on par with what you see on the likes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today. There was a huge cheer in the audience for Batman; Arkham Asylum and Ninja Gaiden 3, so there is already a lot of love for Nintendo’s new system it seems.

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tr00p3r2693d ago

Impressive thing about the lineup video, is that all those titles still have a year or more of development time so they can be polished up further.

Congrats Nintendo.

EYEamNUMBER12693d ago

the videos they showed were actually of the 360 versions according to reggie

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2693d ago

How? in that Tekken footage they showed someone drawing on the characters faces. You couldnt do that in the ps3 version. Not to mention that tekken did NOT look as good as Tekken 6. All the other games looked fine though.

MaxXAttaxX2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Nintendo is up to par and able to compete with PS3 and 360 (once Wii U releases)

5 years too late. But at least it's something. And those people that held off on buying a Wii because of it's power(or lack of) can buy a Wii U! :)

DJMarty2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

@EYEamNUMBER1 - They were PS3 & 360 versions shown , all the other stuff was bullshot Nintty blagged Wii U showing nothing real time.

I_find_it_funny2692d ago

"As for the graphics, they are looking very slick indeed and definitely on par with what you see on the likes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today"

Reggie confirmed it was 360/PS3 footage

Skip_Bayless2692d ago

Is it on the par above or on the par below?

jaosobno2692d ago

Welcome to the next gen nintendo! You are 6 years too late.

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egidem2692d ago

These were trailers or CGs, not the actual gameplay footage. Besides, these games (such as Arkham City) will be out before the Wii U is out. We still can't say that it will look better than its console counterpart because we haven't really seen what it is really capable of. We'll have to wait and see!

Aloren2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Well, duh, it will look better, I mean by the time it's out, the 360 will be more than 6yo, and PS3 5yo... It won't be anywhere near as powerful as the next xbox or ps console, but people who still think the 360 or PS3 will be "on par" are delusional. It will be close, but not on par. The main difference will probably be native 1080p.

B1663r2692d ago

I don't mean to parse words... but this isn't launching until x-mas next year... and at that time the xbox will be 7 years old and the ps3 6.

Aloren2692d ago

I thought it was launching next june, hence my 5 and 6yo comment. My bad.

slayorofgods2692d ago

Isn't Nintendo a little late to the party? What is Nintendo going to do when Microsoft and Sony release next generation systems and they are left in the past?

StarCSR2692d ago

I don't even know if the "next gen" will be THAT much of a difference with the current gen... We've had the step from 8 to 16 bit. Then it was a step to new storage mediums which could provide better cutscenes and more space to generatie better graphics. Then we reached the proper 3D-models generation and after that it was HD and
3D. The "next gen" will only update that last step, so if Wii-U can influence the 3rd party developers now they won't lose that much credit when the "720" and stuff comes out.

joeorc2692d ago

"Isn't Nintendo a little late to the party? What is Nintendo going to do when Microsoft and Sony release next generation systems and they are left in the past? "

Not much really, it's not really about the spec's as much as the development Game engines that make the Hardware go!

the 3RD party Game engines are made for Parity!

the hardware they put in now , an the hardware that Sony an Microsoft put into their new systems will in all likely hood be to par = to the WiiU or slightly above the WiiU's specs an what i mean by slightly above is not the hardware. Its How the 3RD party game engines will run on all three platforms.

Parity is the key for 3RD party

Exclusives are the Key for inhouse.

3rd party wants to sell the same game across as many platforms as they can, without needing more teams to compile an recompile their code to take advantage of unique parts of another system unless their paid for it.

that removes money out of the in house development studios, if you keep paying 3rd parties for these extra's.

Not to say some will not be done for those extras by all three of the companies, but more 1st party efforts for their machine will net the focus to be the key separator of Each system. Along with less static function enabled core game console systems, an ever changing
network systems of each company offerings for their separate game systems.

It's less about the system hardware separator instead it's more about the game an entertainment services as a whole offered.

kneon2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )


There is still a lot of improvement possible. Next gen all games should be running natively at 1080p 3D 60fps. Next gen I don't expect any sub hd games or low res textures. They can still work on better lighting, animation, physics etc.

Until you can't distinguish the game from real life there are always things to improve.

And after that we'll move up to quad HD so the next-next gen consoles will have even more work to do :)

tr00p3r2692d ago

I wrote that comment before I heard about Reggie's statement.

Shame on you Nintendo! lol..

TBM2692d ago

Personally I think its a very cool concept, and im glad that they are finally going to get the actual 3rd party game support we all wanted.

But to be honest I already have both HD consoles and these games will be coming out a whole year later by that time I will have moved on to other games.

Also most of my friends have the HD consoles and it wouldn't make sense for me to get multiplat games for this system even if the look, run slightly better on the wii.

I'll probably just wait a yr after the initial release before buying the new wii. With their entry into HD now I hope/pray to god that they actually created some new IPs. Please

Ju2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

What you say is exactly my thought, too. But in that context, Nintendo's whole concept is quite a risky proposition. It should launch this Christmas, otherwise it gives the competition time to react, and customers to think.

I want the HD console part, I am not sure if I want that controller. While it is nice to take it into the bed room when the GF reads (lol), I don't want that as the standard controller. What about motion controls are the future? All the new games all of a sudden must support traditional controls? Nintendo does not have any high quality controller for the Wii (and never had a good controller to begin with). I can't imagine playing BF3 with that controller.

Same thing here. I probably would want to wait how that works out for Nintendo, no need to rush into a next gen console with yet another novelty interface. A year later the competition should show their wares and I can make up my mind to get one. If they can come up with some great must have games, sure, why not. I bought a Wii for my kids and played some games I enjoyed. It couldn't convince me because it wasn't HD. Pity is, it doesn't upscale standard Wii games.

TBM2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I have a question for my fellow gamers here assuming majority of you here own both HD consoles like I do, and the majority of your friends do too.

When these multiplat games release on all 3 systems simultaneously and say that the wii version runs, and looks slightly better then the other two would you buy said game on the wii especially with these game(s) having an online mode in them?

I already know my answer, but I wanna hear your opinions.

Convas2692d ago

@TBM: Not a chance dude. I too have a PS3 and a 360. And I've got a LOT of friends on LIVE and just starting to build a base on PSN.

No way am I about to split up my gaming library YET again for the latest gimmick, even if it can output games in native 1080p.

There's only so much gaming one man can do. I've got a life to live.

FACTUAL evidence2692d ago

Well since no one liked to count wii in the generation for some odd reason, welcome to the current gen Nintendo....BTW you just bumped the ps3 to second place. lolol. 3rrrd 3rrrd 3rrrrrrrd place! lol jk had to do it. xD

jahcure2692d ago

they're on par because they WERE PS3 AND 360 VISUALS.

Nintendo used the other console's footage to represent what theirs could do later on....what's with this crummy reporting

xfrgtr2692d ago

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Convas2693d ago

That's it? On par? God save Nintendo when the next gen starts.

I mean, I like the concept. To be able to play those kinds of high def games on the WiiU controller without need for a TV or Monitor is AMAZING!

But still, if it's just getting up there with the 360 and PS3 which are both over 5 years old, by the time MS and Sony release the next gen consoles, it'll once AGAIN, become useless.

Shok2693d ago

Reggie actually said that the games shown were 360 and PS3 footage.

Theyellowflash302693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Yeah those were actually PS3/360 games running not Wii U hardware. Now that Zelda tech demo..... That is the potential the Wii U has. And wait till Smash Bros comes out (drooling) Smash Bros on the Wii looked damn good. Wii U Smash is going to kick a$$

- Oh and one more thing Nintendo's content is never useless. You know why? I like to call it the 4 headed monster. Smash Bros - Over 10 million sold. Mario Over 25 million units sold excluding mario kart. Pokemon Black/White alone over 12 million sold. and Zelda over 6 million units sold.

- You can say all you want about the wii but when it comes to first party content Nintendo's systems will always be relevant even if its underpowered like the wii (which i don't think it will)

ConstipatedGorilla2692d ago

Agree. I was a little underwhelmed during their E3, but when I heard those games were 360/PS3 versions, I regained a little hope... I still have faith because that Zelda demo looked fantastic.

matey2692d ago

When the next gen from Sony/Microsoft starts they will need to catch up as the CPU is using the same tech as IBM WATSON SUPER COMPUTER yes 8 cores of bliss and AMD have stated there using the best graphics they have u cant beat the best tech on the market and u can see it in Zelda demo/Lego City Storys they look incredible CGI in game is the WiiU's real strengths

iamnsuperman2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

You know that is PR bull right. I have read around and i suggest you do the same. It will explain why it is PR bull. The amount of cooling required is a lot and from a tiny box unless nintendo has pulled of the impossible

iamnsuperman2692d ago

And another thing zelda was a tech demo showing the graphical potentions but ignores other factors that go into games. Have you ever wondered why tech demos look really impressive and then the titles come out and do not look so. I am not saying nintendo are the only ones microsoft and sony do it to. Tech demos are tech demos there is so much more limitations tech demos do not show you. (disc size fitting an entire game obviously takes more memory so a tech demo utilises the space because it is only a small part

Ju2692d ago

This is most likely a generation of a Power6 core.

Read a little bit about IBMs processor history. Traditionally, IBM had two lines of CPUs. One was the server line (called "Power" architecture) and the second was the "PowerPC", a risk based CPU derived from the original Power design in co-operation with Motorolla, who contributed the consumer aspect of the CPU (started with the 601 in Apples PowerPC Macintosh lines).

Nintendo got into the game with their GameCube, when they used a customized G3 cpu (see 601 as the G1 - Generation 1, so G3 is the third generation of the PowerPC chip). They called that "Gekko", a G3 core with vector extension to allow better simd operations (something which came standard with the G4). A G5 never emerged. What Apple sold as G5 was a all new PowerPC which had much more in common with IBMs Power line than the original PowerPC. It was called the PowerPC970 and the first multicore CPU from IBM.

Fast forward to 2004 (or so). Sony needed a gaming CPU. The Power line was not energy efficient, the 970 was a monster for a game console (hence Apple ditched it for intel).

IBM started from scratch, took the "old" G3 design (the core) and put it into the CELL (redesigned it completely, so they could achieve 3.2GHz which was not possible with previous designs). Sony dropped a shitload of money to make this happen. Along comes MS and drops another shitload of money, and voila, the CELLs PPU becomes a multicore console CPU.

But what's more is, that CPU (core) could compete against IBMs internal Power line, the Power 4 & 5 at the time. IBM took a lot from that cpu and basically merged both, the Power line and PowerPC - result the Power6 (current is Power 7).

That whole thing in the new WiiU is a result of all that work. A great progression. This chip blows pretty much every other processor out of the water - incl. Cell and Xenon. They improved pretty much everything from back than - and could make it energy efficient. IBM is back with one high performance architecture which can scale from game console to super computer. Quite impressive.

Rumors 512MB makes sense. But what's more, it looks IBM put that onto the CPU (die). I am curious if they even use 2nd/3rd level cashes. This thing must be extremely fast. Also interesting to learn sometimes is how they interfaced this to the AMD gpu.

If Sony/MS sticks with IBM I can see them using a similar chip in their next generation. It is fast enough and backwards compatible to the current generation. Not sure if adding SPUs makes sense in such a configuration - this chip is possibly fast enough to go without (unless they incorporated some aspects of the CELL which goes beyond clock frequency and VMX extensions).

Spitfire_Riggz2693d ago

I dont understand why they showed Dirt 1 footage, didnt Dirt 3 come out? Can someone explain that to me

jacksonmichael2693d ago

They're releasing them for Wii-U in order so we don't miss a bit of the storyline.


matey2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Get a life Dirt WiiU is a seperate beast just like all cross plat games coming to WiiU its the exclusives like NG3 WiiU and Metro WiiU ect that will look CGI in game mark my words Ubisoft have something today to show 4 WiiU im amazed cant wait 4 WiiU HD

ASSASSYN tell me how they will leapfrog an IBM SUPER COMPUTER thats whats in the WiiU grow up Microsoft/Sony can only join Nintendo in having the best Graphics on the market

rdgneoz32692d ago

How does Ubisoft have something to show for WiiU when Nintendo doesn't even have games (demos / alpha at least footage) to show?

ASSASSYN 36o2692d ago

Good, but they know and I doubt care that the MS and Sony will leap frog them next gen.