Wii U has 'Xbox Live, PSN level online capabilities' - Nintendo

Platform holder talks up new console's network functionality

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dc12693d ago

The 'next few days' are going to be interesting as Nintendo begins to roll out the details.

(Our = Family gaming system.. that was not being played by my 8 and 4 year old)

phantomexe2693d ago

I want to know this bad. They need to let people know because online gameing is here in the states to stay.

Shok2693d ago

Let's hope so. We'll see tomorrow.

neogeo2693d ago

Goggle will handle the online. NIN has nothing to do with it.

Pillville2693d ago

I would hope that Trent Reznor would not be involved.

prodg522693d ago

He's doing the online soundtrack

golsilva2693d ago

i wonder what it will be more like xbox live or psn in terms of interacting with other devices like how portal 2 has steam support and mmos working on ps3. I dont think nintendo will have a paid subscription for accessing online but maybe something similar to ps+.

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The story is too old to be commented.