Can the Big Three's History Help Predict the Future?

With E3 going on its a good time to look back at the big 3, particularly Sony and Nintendo. Sony's struggles of late mirror all familiar experience gamers experienced with the Gamecube and the N64. There was no "wow" or innovation with the hardware. The Wii stole the show this generation with innovation. Goozernation asks the big question, what will "wow" gamers in the next generation?

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Surfaced2691d ago

I'm saying no. These manufacturer's change over time. Sony from 2004 is not the same Sony as today. Nintendo from 2004 is not the same Nintendo as today. The same is certainly true for Microsoft.

Nes_Daze2691d ago

Nope, the market can change quickly and abruptly. Today, innovating while keeping both core gamers and the flocks of casuals under your grasp is, imo, the best way of dominating.

zeal0us2691d ago

They are good at predicting the future as Harold Camping is good at predicting the end of the world.

for those who don't know Harold camping predicted the world would end may 21, 2011 and yet we are still here.

Immortal3212691d ago

Sony is one big Hollywood funded corp. with a beast of an console. Sony pretty much have this generation in the bag.

JimmyJames702691d ago

And yet I read today that Ars Technica declared Nintendo the "winner" of E3. Didn't Nintendo win last year too?

zero_cool2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Gaming is nintendo's only meal ticket where as sony & microsoft have other markets to fall back on.