IBM puts Watson's brains in Nintendo Wii U

IBM tells us that within the Wii U there's a 45nm custom chip with "a lot" of embedded DRAM. It's a silicon on insulator design and packs the same processor technology found in Watson, the supercomputer that bested a couple of meatbags on Jeopardy awhile back.

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VampiricDragon2689d ago

only Battlefield on the PC looks that good to me

Muletroid2689d ago


the zelda tech demo for the GC comes to mind and twilight princess ended up looking ALLOT better

WhittO2689d ago

TBH them gifs just look like Epic Citadel haha.

sikbeta2689d ago

Well, at least we know something more about it finally...

deadpoole2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

More like Watson's prick in Wii U ... which resulted in a bastard child of ipad so called its controller.

Just kidding ... lolllll ... but this is lookin good.

MaxXAttaxX2688d ago

No HUD or any other sort of indication that it's real-time.
We'll have to wait and see, because the camera angles look very video/cutscene-like.

Let's hope for the best.

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EvilDonkey2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

It really does. Too bad its only a tech demo and not a game.

But who knows, maybe it will be, in a year or two.

Ilikegames762688d ago

Nintendo decided to go HD now, wait, this will be released on 2012? Nintendo is really late to the party.

socomnick2688d ago

that is in game bud. So was that bird tech demo running ingame on unreal 3.

People could control the zelda footage, turn the lights off and on, and switch camera angles proving it was real time.

fatstarr2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

:D i cant wait and we have oh so many years for devs to squeeze every drop of power from it just like they did with generation 7

it may be a tech demo but last i checked tech demoes demoed some of the things the hard ware or engine is capable of

look it up why dont cha.

imo its smart on nintys part to not go "hey we have the skyward sword comin out in December but hey check this out its the next zelda"
that wouldnt be smart and it would kill a ton of the hype.

M4I0N32689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

hmm those meatbags refer to these dudes:

Heres more info about the Watson Supercomputer:

Christopher2689d ago

Yes, that CGI scene looks awesome...

Honestly, let's not get hyped over a video for marketing purposes. All it does is lead to disappointment when reality hits us.

EvilDonkey2689d ago

Neither the bird nor the zelda demo were CGI.

What CGI scenes are you referring to?

Christopher2689d ago

The point is we have no clue what it is. It could be a CGI film generated from their design tools and not in-game/in-engine.

No one has said it wasn't CGI or that it was live gameplay.

But, people are already spewing "Wii U 1080p Zelda gaming!" which will likely only lead to a lot of disappointment.

kesvalk2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

the two"cgi" you talk about had button inputs to change weather, season, and you could move the camera anyway you like it, it's not just a .avi, it's real time...

gamingdroid2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Although I don't know, judging from the time frame the Xbox 360/PS3 computers today should have about a magnitude (read 10x) more processing power.

That video is well within reach and frankly a little disappointing that the gap wasn't bigger up front. I remember seeing the PS3 demoing an NBA game in-store and my jaw dropped as the leap from the original Xbox to PS3 was that big.

Who knows, maybe the game is running in full 1080p? In which case, color me impressed!

Where are the pixel counters?

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MasterCornholio2689d ago

It does look good. But is it worth buying over the PS4 and XBOX720. Only time will tell. Which is why i will wait a while till all 3 are out then decide.

nirwanda2689d ago

Why wait if your a real gamer you will own the best console available at the time, you can always say I will wait i never have, i bought a dreamcast rather than wait for the ps2 and it took the ps2 a good 2 years to catch up to it, i bought a 360 on launch and it took the ps3 a good two years to catch up as well, so i will buy a wiiU and wait for the rest to catch up.

arjman2688d ago

Maybe he doesn't want to buy every new console that comes out?

MasterCornholio2688d ago


You insult me by stating that i am not a gamer because i dont buy everysingle console on the market. Its true that i only own a PS3 but i only really need one console. Owning a 360 for multiplats that are barely better and for a few exclusives just seems like a waste of money to me. A true gamers buys a console based on the games that he likes which is why i own a PS3.


Exactly i am pretty happy with my PS3 and i am willing to wait and see the next one sony has to offer. The reason why i dont say the same about Microsoft is because they seem to have changed direction and i dont like the way they treat the box. Anyways the biggest turn off for me on the Wii U is the controller. It looks bizarre its something that i would have to try first before i even think of buying it.

ProjectVulcan2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Hmmm. Its just a tech demo. Assuming it was even realtime there was no A.I, nothing else in memory, one enemy. It looked nice enough but didn't exactly blow me away as far as tech demos go. Its not really a step over and above what we have seen in games you can actually PLAY now on Ps3 and 360 or other games out this year.

What matters more than what IBM CPU is in this thing is what GPU is in it and we still don't know details. Nintendo probably aren't going to be very forthcoming over it either.

theonlylolking2688d ago

The art design in that demo is very good.

ATiElite2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

so Nintedno was able to fit 10 racks of IBM POWER 750 servers running Linux, using 15 terabytes of RAM, 2880 processor cores into a little white box the size of the Wii?

Wow! the Wii-u is a must buy for $5 million dollars then.

(yeh yeh I know they were really just referring to the PowerPC CPU with embedded Dram)

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fluffydelusions2689d ago

The design is totally different. Wiiu has way less cores.

Shok2689d ago

That episode of Jeopardy was so unfair lol.

maniacmayhem2689d ago

I really doubt Nintendo would release a console with graphics or power below or on par with 360/PS3.

fatstarr2689d ago

thank you common sense and logic finally speak !

Otheros002689d ago

It's "slightly" above ps3 and 360. It's the wii of next generation but with different hardware then their last console.
Expect lots and lots of shovleware. Again.

lochdoun2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

No one wants to admit that a Nintendo console is technically superior to their precious Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.
Of course Wii U is gonna be far superior!

sikbeta2689d ago

It's not something huge either, I'm sure all of us are expecting a big jump, something easy to achieve when compare new HW with 5 years old HW

macky3012689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

surely 6-7 year after them ,.. at least gpu would be vastly better,..

PS3 can offload a lot on spus,.. and It shows in Uncharted 2,3, GOW3 KZ2, infamous2,.. You really can see how they are probably still finding optimizations on ps3,..

I think that Link rendition should be true(it better be),..(it really is beautiful) It is not like wiiu's technology should not be on that level in 6-7 years that will pass between wiwu launch and PS3 360,.. I would be pissed,..

I think nintendo's first party games will look breathtaking ,.. and they should,.. They better not make me pay way way more than hardware is worth again,.. because wii is basically a gamecube with a stick,..

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beast242tru2689d ago

i wana see evidence of this being a beast

Ddouble2689d ago

Exactly we don't have enough to say anything.

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