GB.CO - Nintendo Wii U Preview – Release Dates and Mini Specs Are In

It’s official, Project Cafe has a name and it’s name is the Wii U.

Nintendo’s E3 press conference certainly was a rollercoaster of a ride, it had us leaping for joy with announcements of Zelda and almost facepalming at the naming of it’s next generation home console.

Here’s what we’ve learnt about the Wii U and it’s controller from E3.

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Neo Nugget2691d ago

Ok, so we can rule out three months.

Throw darts for the other nine?

barb_wire2691d ago

I'd say, expect this Holidays 2012.. this way, they can have a big E3 next year and show it off. No word on price either.

Thecraft19892691d ago

Yeah December launch again like the Wii would do well for them.