Halo 4: 10 Things That Need To Change

GB - "Microsoft's E3 press conference would have us believe that a fourth Halo games is in the works. With the dawn of a new trilogy now truly upon us, and Microsoft taking the reigns from Bungie, how will Halo 4 be able to best its pedigree? Scroll on for a list of ten changes that will put Halo 4 on a whole new level. "

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Valay2690d ago

It's too early to be talking about this!

Karooo2690d ago

I want a better campaign, but with masterchief it has to be great

user8586212690d ago

I want a new enemy, hell give us a villian who we end up really hating! that would be awesome

Urmomlol2690d ago

Oh GOD, Gaming Bolt you guys are awful.

This is NOT a preview. This is a crappy opinion piece.

Xander7562690d ago

More armor abilities? I think you mean less. And by less I think you mean zero. They ruined Reach for me.

Convas2690d ago

A Response to Xander:

I liked Armor Abilities in Reach. Really, I did. They fit the story and made practical sense as experimental armor upgrades.

But the Chief is back. He's MUCH stronger than any old Spartan III. He can sprint up to 70 MPH, he got bigger muscles, and thicker bones.

Armor Abilities do NOT need to make a return in Halo 4. They had there run, it's over. Back to basics please!

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The story is too old to be commented.