Crysis Single Player Demo Impressions

One of the writers from Aeropause recently downloaded and tried out the new single player demo for Crysis. Aeropause also has some gameplay screenshots that show off the performace on the test machine.

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The Cloud Theory4873d ago

Looks like this game would actually prove worthwhile for pc gamers

tosh614873d ago

could someone help me?

i downloaded the Crysis Demo, then I clicked on it to install and it apparently installed. Then it said that the latest Windows update hasnt been installed and asked if I would like it installed and i said ok, but it never installed anything just sat there afterwards. Then i restarted my computer for the NVIDIA Driver update and for the demo. AFter that i clicked on the Demo shortcut on my desktop and it came up with modify, repair, and remove, didnt play it. I can't find the actual installed demo anywhere...not in program files, desktop, or anything

Korosuke4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

try to uninstall former files related to crysis completely then DL again and reinstall.

paul_war4873d ago

Didn't think I would like the game but it is great. I've been playing it with every graphic option on 'very high' and it is the best looking game I have ever played, no competition. The gameplay was also sound.

RageofReaper4873d ago

what system are you using bud? i can run it on my toshiba x205 with most settings high, no AA, at 1280, using dx10. i honestly cant imagine how much someone would spend to run this at full resm with 16 AA and all settings at high, and to have a playable frame rate. its a great game and scales down well, but its not one thats going to get me to rush out and spend hundreds when i have a system that can play bio, cod 4 ect at full res on high.

paul_war4873d ago

A good system, cost a bit but then I don't plan to upgrade for a very long time:

Dell Dimension 9200 Viiv Quad Core Processor Q6600
Memory 4096mb 667MHz
768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Everything was on full, 16AA & as smooth frame rate as you like.

wasted4873d ago

OOOOhhhhweee this is a sweet game.
I have a 8800gtx with 728mb and 2gb ram and ran at a good frame rate at high on1280 x 1024 but above that it ran a bit slow, but under dx 9 i could run it at 1600x1200 on high setting at a sweet frame rate.
Can't wait for release.

The Only Truth4873d ago

I can't help but say those objects (trees, rocks, jeep, etc.) in the screenshot look like they were glued to the background. Doesn't impress me. I hope for a HD gametrailers video, to watch this game in full motion and judge over it.

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