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The community gives their impressions on Nintendo's new console.

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OllieBoy2784d ago

Yeah, not excited at all for it.

Sanii2784d ago

It all comes down to the price to be honest

Yi-Long2784d ago

... I guess I'll have lots of time to work through my backlog of games...

captain-obvious2784d ago

they Fucked it up when they only showed the controller for the whole conference

and after that rigge says in GT interview (after the conference) and said " its only a box "


Nintendo could have easily won the Whole thing
but no they confused everyone
i though it was a wii controller lol

I_find_it_funny2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


2012 - Wii U launch with HD
2013 - PS4/next Xbx
2013 - Nintendo still inferior a year after launch, 3rd party support gone

Information Minister2784d ago

It's not just about price. Nintendo knows they have the casual market, so now they are aiming for the core gamers, where the PS3 and 360 dominate. But even with massive 3rd party support and even if the games look slightly better and run smoother, I don't see gamers jumping ship from Sony/Microsoft to a system with a few obvious shortcomings: no HDD, proprietary optical discs, an online infrastructure that is years behind the competition. And that's considering that the WiiU (sigh) won't be much more expensive than the 360/PS3.

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EYEamNUMBER12784d ago

i can't be excited or disappointed in it because THEY DIDN'T REVEAL THE CONSOLE they showed its controller yes but they actually didn't show the console itself or what it can or will do

they were just focusing on the new control

NLGSean2784d ago

They DID show the console... It was sitting next to the TV the whole time the promo video was playing... It looks like a rounded Wii system.. Pictures are also online.

EYEamNUMBER12784d ago

no they didn't reveal the console they didn't show what it could do all the 3rd party footage was from 360 footage and they just had it hidden in the back

so they didn't actually reveal it they didn't actually reveal anything but the controller

Pacman3212784d ago

I honestly thought that the controller was just an add on to the Wii, strange that they hardly showed the new console or even talked about it.

kneon2784d ago

Maybe the console really is just a beefed up Wii and once again their focus is on the controller.

juggulator2784d ago

Reggie said that the console is 'just a box'. The whole focus seems to be on the controller.

Shadow Flare2784d ago

WiiU ranks as one of the worst names I think I've ever seen on a console

Pixel_Enemy2784d ago

PiiU. That console smells of something rank

etowntwo2784d ago

Vida would be the worst

Why o why2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


anything sony would be the worst for you....You'd hate the name 'sun' if you thought sony had anything to do with its inception

Off topic
Still a great pic though. not a perfect a55 but good enough for a lamb shank

On topic
Sony or Nintendo for the top. Not sure how many games Nintendo actually showed but they were raining exclusives. I wish sony showed more...I wish MS showed some. Its down to which games appeal to each of us. On the hardware front it seems most are underwhelmed with what wii U showed. It really does seem like a console that has just caught up to where the 360 and ps3 are. The vita was so so solid. In retrospect it was probably one of this e3s saving graces

Tony P2784d ago

My first reaction tbh was utter confusion. They presented it in an odd way and didn't even mention the console itself.

Now, as more details roll in, it's like Nintendo's attempt at playing catch-up. Plus a funky controller.

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Prcko2784d ago

gonna buy only if price is around 100$ , won't give more for this

VampiricDragon2784d ago

you do realize thats just the controller. There is a console

L6RD7BLU32784d ago

"THANK YOU!" don't know how many times they said CONTROLLER.

Muitnorts2784d ago

You might be able to buy the controller for $100...

TrevorPhillips2784d ago

No thank you. However, I will get it for my baby nephew.

Sanii2784d ago

If it costs more than 100, it may be a bit too expensive of a toy for the young ones

CaptainPunch2784d ago

Pretty upset they never SHOWED any game demos, I mean come on!

VampiricDragon2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

This is 2 years out dude.

Wait till next E3

They announced smash bros and showed shots of a new mario title

Thats all thats needed this far out.

Your all expecting the world here;.

LOGICWINS2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

But thats whats odd about it. There talking about releasing Arkham City and Assassin's Creed..but won't the PS3/360 counterparts of these games be available a FULL year before the Wii U versions?

By the time Wii U comes out..these games will be a year old.

Series_IIa2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


So, game companies create games for a system years before the system is even out... They came unprepared and shot themselves in the foot.

Disccordia2784d ago

This was kinda lame. They didn't actually announce smash bros. as such just that they will probably make it after kid icarus. I mean what sort of announcement is that?

Just imagine Kojima saying "after I finish work on the hd collection I might do mgs5 if I can be bothered". What's the point?

And John Riccotello was humourous. Despite what people think he never actually announced ANYTHING for WiiU. "imagine what this controller could do for bf3" does not mean bf3 was announced. He whole speech seemed rather vague and hollow. Nintendo had the chance to start the next gen with a bang here but instead it just seemed like they were just catching up to the current gen.

GiggMan2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

It's almost like they didn't have anything relevant to show for the Wii so they decided to show WiiU too early.

They should have waited for TGS or next E3 to show their new console (yes console not controller) with more detail.

tigertron2784d ago

From what I've seen so far (and its not been clear), and if this was a pitch on Dragon's Den...I'd have to say "sorry, I'm out".

Still, we shall see at the TGS or next year's E3 if it has potential.

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